Creating game-changing experiences to make your law firm stand out

Creating game-changing experiences to make your law firm stand out

Customer experience is now the new frontier for law firms. Excellent experiences result in stronger connections, increased customer acquisition and retention. Improving the end-to-end customer experience is now a priority for law firms if they are to win market share and stay competitive.

A large proportion of the legal market is unwilling to change and insist on maintaining their old business ways - physical customer interaction, in offices designed to impress. In sharp contrast, their digital customer journey is often weak and confusing. Their websites have nothing in common with their clean, imposing offices and personal service that sweep clients off their feet and inspire respect and trust.

Unfortunately, for those firms resistant to change, most customer journeys nowadays are purely digital or hybrid digital/physical. If law firms don’t create game-changing digital customer experiences they will not stay relevant and risk losing their high-value clients.

How can this be done in a cost-effective way and with minimal disruption to the current business? Here is how:

Start small. Create a killer website

Your website is a mirror to your firm. It reflects not only your services but also your brand essence. It can make or break your brand. Expert design experience can create digital journeys that increase engagement and drive conversions through your website. Partnering with a user-experience expert you will be able to offer your services, content, and custom functionality in a way that your clients will understand, relate to and enjoy.

Involve the people that manage your website in the design process to provide the back-end functionality they need to work more efficiently. From content management to making design changes, it is essential to understand what is important to them.

Provide data-driven personalised experiences

Truly treating your clients as unique individuals, as opposed to just paying lip service to this concept, will differentiate your law firm and increase customer loyalty that drives cross-selling and recurring revenue. To do this, you will need a digital platform that captures real-time customer data to enable effective personalisation. Knowing not only your clients’ name but also their needs, desires and problems, you can predict their intent in the early stages. You will understand what they need and how best to solve their issues. You will be able to provide them with personalised digital journeys through your website, mobile app or digital platform, showing relevant content and services at the right time.

“In my company, I look for a law firm that knows the intricacies of my business and can customise their services accordingly. Given the fluid regulatory landscape we are in, we are also keen on those who are able to proactively provide us with the correct information so that we can plan/ change our plans as necessary”

- Legal Counsel from Manila,

Calls9 White Paper “Beyond Black Swan: Positioning the law firm for the next normal

Provide your services like an e-commerce business

Since the global pandemic, the majority of law firms have had to act like e-commerce businesses. They have been meeting people, taking instructions, delivering work, and receiving payments virtually. What they need to do now is to continue to provide seamless e-commerce experiences at a standard and quality of customer service that their clients have come to expect from e-commerce retailers such as Apple, Amazon and Uber.

Law firms that invest in digital platforms that bring suppliers and buyers together are the ones that will be able to retain their existing clients, as well as expand in new domestic and global markets. Providing a virtual marketplace where your clients can access, interact with, purchase your services on demand, work with your team in real-time and get support quickly, will reduce costs, enhance productivity, increase customer satisfaction and enable your firm to grow profitably.

Enable self-service through next-gen Customer Portals

Nowadays, "self-service" is a necessity and customer portals are the perfect way to enable clients to engage, transact and collaborate with your firm.

Using a customer portal, your clients will access, use, or purchase your digital products and services. They will be able to track key metrics, respond to requests, consume content and collaborate directly with your team. At the same time, your team will gather valuable insights and track client interactions. This will highlight patterns to identify potential needs and increase cross-selling opportunities.

Where to start

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