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The courses and eBooks available on LPI store, are presented to you in collaboration with global industry experts.

  • LTC4 Managing Documents and Emails

    Managing Documents and Emails | LTC4 Certified

    This course is specifically designed for busy legal professional to encourage best-practice for managing documents and emails. Become LTC4 certified and proficient in navigating smart technologies that better assist your document and email management skills. Enroll in the Managing Documents and Emails course.

  • Legal Industry Specialization

    Legal Industry Specialization | eBook

    Today, prospects are searching for subject matter experts and trusted advisors to help solve their problems. So, it takes focus, specialization, recognition and authority to stand out in an overcrowded, highly competitive legal market with risk-avoiding, impatient buyers who can find numerous alternative providers. Read the Legal Industry Specialization book now!

  • Rulestar


    Rulestar is a no-code automation platform that enables you to automate even highly sophisticated documents by capturing the knowledge of subject-matter experts and placing it in the hands of your team and clients. With Rulestar, you can open new self-service revenue streams, deepen client relationships and deliver better customer experiences through smarter automation. Follow the link for more information on Rulestar.

  • Practice Intelligence

    LPI’s practice intelligence articles focus on optimising the business and operations through best practice approaches, critical thinking, innovative ideas and opinions by global lawtech professionals. Read LPI's Practice Intelligence articles.

  • Technology Intelligence

    LPI’s technology intelligence focus on assisting law firms to achieve long-term success through many global expert’s opinions on forward-thinking technologies and innovations. Read LPI's Technology Intelligence articles.

  • Corporate Legal

    LPI’s corporate legal articles focus on legal practice and technology news relating to the in-house counsel function, mostly supported by global industry experts. Read LPI's Corporate Legal articles.

  • Directory

    LPI’s comprehensive directory list creates a seamless experience for law firms and legal professionals to connect with industry relevant providers and vendors. Add a listing to connect with prospective clients! Access LPI's Directory page.

  • Videos & Podcasts

    LPI connects with some of the highly influential and well-recognised legal professionals, providing you the greatest insights and opinions which best aligns with your interest. LPI aims to deliver fresh content in the most engaging and unique way possible! Access LPI's Videos & Podcasts.

  • LegalTech Careers

    LegalTech Careers

    Explore some of the exciting career opportunities within the legal sector! Would you like to accelerate your career and take on new challenges? There are plenty of new career opportunities for you to consider! Access Novum Global Legal Tech Careers.

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