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Legal Practice Intelligence (LPI) is an all-inclusive platform dedicated to serving the legal industry with the publication of the latest business of law and legal technology news, analysis, opinion and other resources that are important to supporting the legal profession.
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The beginning

The platform began in early 2009. It was then known as the Legal Practice Bulletin. With the growing number of visitors and supporters of the platform, the Legal Practice Bulletin then became Legal Practice Intelligence. The new and improved website you see today was brought to you by LPI and all the supportive readership and sponsorship network who have keen interest in the business of law and legal technology, groundbreaking legal analysis, news and opinion of the day.

The people we serve

Legal Practice Intelligence is designed to benefit lawyers, law firms, licensed conveyancing practices, migration agents, in-house legal departments, community legal organisations, courts and supporting ecosystems. We remain active in the pursuit of the most valued and up-to-date legal news and opinion articles and resources.

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