career friday: an interview

Career Friday: Ace an Interview (Part I)

So you’ve made it through to the interview stage you are in the 5% - 10% of candidates …

Over the last 18 months, the employment process has changed more, if not all of the process being conducted virtually using online video tools. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things you can do to improve your chances.

  • Research, research, and research – find out as much as you can about the role, the organisation, the people, and any news you can which is relevant. Look at websites, Linkedin and other available public information. Also, ask your network what they know and who they know in the organisation. Check what resources like Glassdoor say or other sites with employee reviews.
  • Based on your research – how has the position come about? What other positions are being hired or have been hired recently? What stage is the organisation in – are they expanding or are they losing people? Have they received funding?
  • What is your 1 minute BBQ pitch? Who are you and what value do you create?
  • Why am I here? What is the business case that has created the role and why are you at the interview stage? Review the role description carefully. Look at other people who work in similar roles to the one you are interviewing for on Linkedin. What were their backgrounds?
  • What questions are they likely to ask and how will you answer these? Stand in front of a mirror or even video yourself answering questions.
  • Wind your experience into the answers where possible.
  • Have some short succinct stories where there was a problem, you had a process for solving that problem and there was an outcome.
  • Also, consider a situation where you face adversity and how did you overcome that or not – have an example to hand.
  • If it’s a video call – where will you do the call and how will you minimise any disruptions – this needs planning. Also, consider your environment and what background you may use, based on your research there may be things you can do as a conversation starter, such as their/your virtual background.
  • Do you have examples of your work ready if that is required, statistics, or something to prove your point?
  • What is the feedback on the market with respect to YOU. What information can you gain from your colleagues and market contacts, etc take that on board.
  • Make sure your CV and LinkedIn are up to date and don’t contain BS! There is nothing worse than inconsistency and/or untruths.

Stay tuned to part II  for more careers advice and visit Novum Global Elias Recruitment for current career opportunities.