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Free CPD Courses for Lawyers | The New Law CLE

We are delighted to present the on-demand New Law CLE's free CPD webinars, to you! 

Due to the amount of positive feedback we have received from our subscribers that have accessed the courses yesterday, we decided to make it available for everyone - as we are very confident that you will love these CPD webinars, as much as they did. 

Do your friend a favour and share these exceptional resources with them as well as other lawyers in your network! And don't forget to subscribe for more exclusive resources, and to keep up-to-date with the latest industry news, insights and opinions.

Click the webinar links below to gain access. 

New Law CLE

Guest presenter: Joel Barolsky - Managing Director, Barolsky Advisors

    Guest presenter: Ben Rosswick, COO, Smarter Drafter

    Guest presenter: Brett Feltham - Consultant, King & Wood Mallesons

    Guest presenter: David Lipworth - Head of Legal, Smarter Drafter

    Guest presenter: Mike Fitzpatrick - Former Head of State Planning, PwC

    Guest presenter: John van Rooyen - Regional Director, Dreamlab Technologies

    Guest presenter: Dale Beaumont - Business Educator, Speaker and Entrepreneur

    Guest presenter: David Lipworth - Head of Legal, Smarter Drafter

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