In-house legal cloud operations

In-house Legal Boon with AI, LLMs, Slack and Insights

LinkSquares, a leading AI-powered legal technology partner of choice, announced several innovations across the LinkSquares Cloud that help in-house legal teams demonstrate their organisational impact and move their business forward faster. Within the first month of general availability, LinkSquares Prioritize garnered massive adoption and delivered new reporting dashboards that equip in-house legal teams with holistic insights about their work. The company also deployed generative AI technology into the product using Large Language Models (LLMs) to improve the efficiency and accuracy of data extractions across its end-to-end CLM and released new integrations with business systems to strengthen legal’s cross-functional impact.

“Data is the yardstick for every business decision, especially in today’s climate where organisations are hyper-focused on efficiency,” said Vishal Sunak, CEO and co-founder of LinkSquares. "We always knew that developing and launching smart and insightful dashboards would be critically important to the success of Prioritize because the real value of any legal technology is measured on the level of visibility and insights it offers users. The positive customer response we’re seeing to Prioritize has been so energising, reaffirming LinkSquares’ market fit and value as we continue to enhance, expand, and execute on our roadmap.”

An enterprise legal management platform, the LinkSquares Cloud combines legal project management, Prioritize, and end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) into one technology hub. It is emerging as the industry’s only legal-first solution that goes beyond contracts to help teams manage, quantify, and analyse all of their initiatives and outcomes across the business. Prioritize is experiencing rapid adoption, fueled by its ability to help legal teams deliver consistency in terms of process, quality, and communication — and gain a strong, data-backed view of legal’s performance and business impact.

“As we are nearing the end of implementation, we are eager to launch Prioritize to manage our legal priorities and streamline our approach to responding to legal requests. The dashboard is intuitive, encouraging early adoption and allowing us to utilise the tool without spending time in lengthy training sessions. We're also very excited about the future value of building out our automated workflows in Prioritize, so we can assign and track all associated tasks with each matter in one place. Implementation has been seamless, and we look forward to more successful collaboration with the LinkSquares team.” said Kaley Cook, contracts & legal operations manager, Carbon Health.

In addition to the newly released dashboards in Prioritize, the team has deployed significant AI innovations and integration enhancements to deliver more value across the multi-solution platform.

Large Language Model Deployment and AI Advancements

AI sits at the core of the LinkSquares Cloud, making all legal projects faster and easier to manage, analyse, measure, and complete. LinkSquares’ proprietary AI technology is built exclusively for legal teams and is trained on over 6 million contracts and billions of data points. Users can generate LinkSquares Smart Values across all contract agreements in 20 seconds or less.

The company’s Large Language Model (LLM) advancements improve the efficiency and accuracy of data extractions across agreements while upholding customer privacy. The launch of Similarity Terms for LinkSquares Analyze enables customers to generate AI-assisted terms in minutes to search and track clause language unique to their business across their legal repositories. Teams can enter an example of clause language, and LinkSquares AI handles the rest.

New Integrations Accelerate Workflows and Strengthen Cross-Functional Partnerships

LinkSquares also launched a Slack integration for LinkSquares Finalize to meet legal teams where they collaborate cross-functionally and enable the streamlined communications needed as their role expands to include anything from business as usual to tracking contracts under negotiation to putting out unexpected fires. With this integration, users receive real-time Finalize email notifications in Slack, so they can easily customise the alerts they’ll receive when tasks and assignments change and manage their agreement updates.

Laura Briscoe, contracts manager at Logos, said, “LinkSquares, in general, has been a huge improvement to our processes, and their Slack integration is icing on the cake. It's all too easy to lose track of messages in your inbox, and Slack prevents us from missing key notifications. We also enjoy using Slack's features to save messages for later, mark unreads, set a reminder, etc. Slack seems to hold a greater sense of urgency than email, and this is just what we needed to optimise workflows."

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