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In-House Legal Departments Reporting Pressure Mounts

A recent webinar on Best-in-Class Legal Reporting sponsored by In-House Connect and hosted by Anne Post, North American CEO of Xakia Technologies, and Ritesh Patel, Chief Legal Officer of Viant, drew record registrants and demonstrates the urgent need felt by legal teams to improve their reporting to internal stakeholders.

The webinar drew in over 800 registrants and almost 400 attendees — the highest webinar attendance for the In-House Connect community.  

“This incredible level of interest demonstrates the urgent need felt by legal teams to improve their reporting to internal stakeholders,” said Anne Post, Xakia CEO – North America. “So much progress has been made by in-house legal teams in recent years, but this level of engagement suggests that in-house legal department reporting is the next bastion for legal teams to digitize their legal operations.”

Within the webinar, poll results showed the current state of play for Legal Departments.  Only 38% of in-house legal teams currently engage in regular reporting while 56% provide no internal reporting about their legal work.  

On the other hand, nearly 50% of in-house teams are feeling the pressure to improve Legal Department reporting. This clearly indicates that the time is ripe for in-house legal teams to take action on reporting.

Of those reporting (regular or irregular), 84% of teams generate reports manually (i.e., spreadsheets), rather than using any form of automated reporting.  

“With in-house legal teams increasingly under pressure for more transparency and accountability, some of these poll results were eye-opening,” said Post. “In my experience, there are several reasons why in-house legal teams may struggle with reporting, including lack of resources, the complexity of data, lack of technology or clear reporting objectives, and sometimes confidentiality concerns.”  

The good news for in-house legal teams is that affordable software now exists to put In-House Legal Departments on a pathway to impactful reporting. 

Follow the link to review the In-House Connect Best-In-Class Legal Department Reporting webinar.

Xakia’s Best-in-Class Legal Reporting white paper can be downloaded for an overview of legal department reporting including who should receive it, what it should include and most importantly, how legal teams can demonstrate value to their organisation.

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