Lawcadia LEx360 Partnership To Transform Legal Operations

Lawcadia And LEx360's Partnership To Transform Legal Operations

Legal technology company Lawcadia and legal operations consultancy LEx360 partner to reduce waste, risk, complexity, and uncertainty for corporate counsel.

The modern legal department remains a function plagued by inefficient, manual and complex processes, further compounded by relentless demands, heightened regulatory compliance requirements and the pressure to ‘do more with less’. Whilst there is an appetite for change, General Counsels are unsure of where to start and how to find the time amidst the daily grind.
Founder of LEx360, Mo Zain Ajaz, is no stranger to the challenges faced by in-house legal teams. A former General Counsel and Global Head of Legal Operations at National Grid, Mr Ajaz has partnered with Australian headquartered legal technology company Lawcadia to optimise processes and transform legal operations.
“In my experience, the root cause of problems is poor processes - and optimising, mapping and measuring performance against processes provides so much opportunity and is often ignored,” said Mr Ajaz.
He notes that optimising processes and legal service delivery doesn’t happen in isolation and technology is the tool that can enable in-house legal teams to service their internal clients faster and in a more consistent manner.
“With Lawcadia, I’ve found a technology partner that understands legal workflows and processes very well, and I have started working with them to develop unique workflow automation solutions to solve many of the challenges facing the legal industry.”
Mr Ajaz acknowledged that every GC needs to address similar challenges from intake, allocation of work, approaches to in-sourcing and out-sourcing, measurement of their outside counsel, and value-adding activities such as speed-to-contract and risk management.
“LEx360 and Lawcadia aim to provide a blue-print for the legal department based on process, data and technology, that captures the art of the possible and enables rapid deployment,” he said. 
An end-to-end legal operations platform designed for in-house legal teams and their law firms, Lawcadia combines intelligent workflow automation with matter and spend management and BI reporting analytics, to solve broad and specific challenges for the legal function.
LEx360 and Lawcadia’s partnership will provide tech-enabled legal process and workflow solutions for in-house legal departments that can be purchased and deployed ‘off-the-shelf’ or configured to meet the specific needs of an organisation.
The first solution that this partnership will bring to market is a process and automated workflow to solve for DSARs (Data Subject Access Rights), a GDPR compliance requirement that is generating additional work, costs, and frustration across all industry sectors in the UK.
Lawcadia CEO Warwick Walsh is thrilled to formalise the partnership.
“Combining legal expertise and process methodology with our intelligent workflow automation and matter management capability means that legal departments can solve a breadth of problems over time and continuously improve,” said Mr Walsh.
“Lawcadia and LEx360 are aligned in our vision for improving legal service delivery. This partnership will bring that depth and breadth of expertise and technology capability required to digitally transform the in-house legal function,” he said.
To learn more about the LEx360 and Lawcadia DSAR workflow solution including a brief demonstration, please click here.

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