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Tonkean AI Enhances Intake Experience for Legal Teams

Tonkean announces the launch of a new AI-enhanced intake experience for legal teams. Tonkean's updated forms, which are part of Tonkean's LegalWorks solution, make the experience of initiating and following legal processes more efficient and enjoyable for requesters, thanks to real-time data enrichment from a wide range of plug-and-play integrations and adaptive user-guidance. (Tonkean forms intelligently auto-fill using plain text submitted through the Tonkean AI Front Door.) Tonkean forms also come equipped with a no-code WYSIWYG interface, putting the ability to customise and iterate upon intake experiences directly into the hands of legal operations professionals.

Forms are a crucial legal intake component and instrumental for matter creation, document generation, contract reviews, and other legal processes. Returning to when employees filled out forms with pen and paper, they mostly stayed the same. I.e. Employees fill out clunky, static fields. They manually find and input endless amounts of data. They spend hours, in some cases, retrieving information that is often immaterial to their request. They submit, and they wait, with zero visibility into the status of their request.

Such traditional form experiences slow intake down and damage the experience of interacting with legal processes. This dissuades employees from engaging with legal processes, which has massive downstream effects on operational efficiency and greatly hinders compliance.

"We've understood that forms have been in need of innovation for a long time. In fact, next-gen forms have been our most commonly requested feature," says Sagi Eliyahu, Tonkean's co-founder and CEO. "Forms are the most common way of collecting information. Their quality can have a huge influence on process adoption. Compliance, efficiency, cost saving and creating business value all depend on high process adoption. But high process adoption hinges on a great experience. Traditional forms pay no mind to the needs or context of the stakeholders requesting help. Tonkean forms change that and represent a big leap for how departments work together."

Tonkean's AI-enhanced forms enable legal teams in a variety of impactful ways.

    • Intelligent, adaptive form experiences. In stark contrast with traditional workflow automation tools—which provide only rigid workflows that intimidate and perplex requesters—Tonkean forms leverage Tonkean's AI-powered process automation technology to provide employees with personalised form experiences that adapt to their needs and context in real-time.
    • Faster time-to-resolution. Tonkean forms are context-aware, taking cues from connected data sources to reduce the number of fields and steps employees are asked to fill out and proactively resolve requests.
    • End-to-end visibility. Once employees complete forms inside Tonkean, they can track the status of their requests using a real-time tracker that provides end-to-end visibility and complete transparency.
    • Increased process adoption. Ultimately, Tonkean forms serve to streamline intake, better ensure all information needed to resolve or triage the matter is captured, and increase the adoption of legal processes.
    • Cross-team collaboration. With Tonkean's forms, legal teams can design and deploy forms that facilitate smoother handoffs between legal and other departments, all while ensuring data consistency.
    • Easy, no-code customisation. Unlike traditional intake platforms that require technical expertise to customise and manage, Tonkean's form Builder offers a WYSIWYG interface that anyone can use and plug-and-play integrations with all the most relevant applications. Now, legal teams can easily adapt their intake processes swiftly, without the typical hassle or delays.

Enterprise legal teams already use Tonkean forms to replace outdated and overly restrictive legacy form experiences.

"We've been in the legal space for a long time," says Eliyahu. "We've seen our enterprise customers struggle with traditional forms. They lack context; they're isolated and generic. They're optimised for data schemes and not for those who are supposed to use them. That's exactly where Tonkean excels."

Earlier this year, Tonkean launched LegalWorks, a matter lifecycle management solution that enables legal teams to harness the potential of AI-powered process automation technology safely. Tonkean forms fit seamlessly into that ecosystem and can be incorporated into any organisation's intake processes right away, potentially to much benefit. Efforts to lower risk, better ensure compliance, and improve legal performance stem from efforts to increase process adoption.

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