Xakia Partners With JERA | Legal Practice Intelligence

Xakia Partners With JERA | Legal Practice Intelligence

Xakia Technologies Pty Ltd today announced its entry into the Japanese legal technology market with the launch of Xakia, its dedicated In-House Legal Hub, in the Legal Department at JERA Co., Inc (JERA), one of Japan’s largest energy companies.

Xakia Japanese Interface

The Xakia platform is built around four key features: legal matter management, legal intake and triage, legal spend and external counsel management, and legal data analytics and reporting.

For legal teams struggling with visibility and trying to wrap their heads around who’s doing what, when and by whom, Xakia removes the guesswork. An intuitive user interface gives all team members and their business clients, immediate, actionable insight.

Sawako Ohgi, General Manager, Strategic Legal Unit, Legal Group, JERA, said: “In a rapidly changing environment, adopting a simplistic, easy to implement and innovative matter management system such as Xakia was a top priority for us. Xakia removes time-consuming, manual processes for over 15 people in our legal team.”

Ohgi-san adds: “Xakia is about optimizing our resources and improving the efficiency in our operations through strategic insights. We can now see what work is coming in, from what department, the type of work, the volume of work, the complexity of the work, the risk assessment, and that is really helpful for us because it helps us to allocate our resources.”

Jodie Baker, CEO, Xakia Technologies said: “We’re delighted that JERA chose Xakia to facilitate its vision for an efficient and impactful Legal Department. In addition to streamlining JERA’s workflows to manage its legal workloads, deadlines and priorities, Xakia’s data analytics power its interactive dashboards and reporting. JERA has removed wasted hours each month of manually pulling matter, intake, spend management, and resource reporting together.”

For companies operating across Asia Pacific and globally, the platform natively supports Japanese, and it can be configured to offer more than one language so internal clients and legal team members can operate in their language of choice, including English, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, and Portuguese (Brazil).

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