Positioning the Law Firm for the Next Normal | LPI

Positioning the Law Firm for the Next Normal | LPI

COVID-19 impact on legal services and what in-house counsel want law firms to change

UK-based Calls9 and In-House Community joined forces to explore how the pandemic has impacted the legal services industry, what are the practice areas that in-house lawyers are most keen to hire external counsel, and what practice areas have grown the most during the pandemic.

“Law firm leaders know that their clients are demanding Change. But change what? The legal industry urgently requires guidance from senior in-house counsel.” - Paul Smith, Non-Executive Director at Calls9.

The white paper also presents candid post-COVID insights and analysis from over 70 in-house counsel who answer in-depth what law firms need to improve in the following areas:

  1. Effective Crisis Management
  2. Fees and Billing
  3. Focused, Tailored, Succinct Advice
  4. Efficiency and Technology
  5. Trust and Partnership

“In my company, I look for a law firm that knows the intricacies of my business and can customise their services accordingly. Given the fluid regulatory landscape we are in, we are also keen on those who are able to proactively provide us with the correct information so that we can plan/ change our plans as necessary” - Legal Counsel from Manila,

Featuring on this white paper are also the views of Richard Levick, Chairman & CEO at LEVICK, Patrick Dransfield, Enabler of the Managing Partners’ Club and Principal of Clearway Communications, Stephen Revell, Founder and CEO at Making Change Happen Pte Ltd, and Paul Smith ex Global Chairman of Eversheds Sutherland and current Non-Executive Director at Calls9.

Download the White Paper here

Watch this space to see how Adam Roney, CEO of Calls9 and team detail how to "create game-changing experiences to make your law firm stand out in the future."