NSW Floods Lawyers Joint Effort

Central West Lawyers Join Effort for Flood Affected

At least ten Central West law firms have committed to providing free legal help to victims of the region’s floods, on various issues related to the disaster.

President of the Law Society of NSW Joanne van der Plaat and President of the Central West Law Society Dannielle Ford commended the firms for stepping up in a time of crisis.

Ms van der Plaat said pro bono work by lawyers for people in crisis is consistent with the finest traditions of the legal profession.

“I’m awestruck, but not surprised by the willingness of our members who themselves may be flood affected, to come to the aid of locals who need urgent legal help. This offer of help follows our members’ pro bono efforts following the floods in Lismore earlier this year and in the wake of the catastrophic bushfires in late 2019,” Ms van der Plaat said.

Ms Ford said that the devastation left by floods could also leave insurance, tenancy and finance problems that can evolve into serious and complex legal issues.

“Residents of flood-affected areas are still in survival mode, cleaning up and assessing what’s left of their homes and property. Legal problems may not emerge for weeks or even months after the disaster, but when they do, many lawyers are prepared to pitch in to help,” Ms Ford said.

“I’m proud to stand alongside fellow lawyers to provide pro bono assistance to those impacted by the floods with insurance claims, negotiation for rent relief or abatement and negotiation of terms with lenders. These firms are providing a great example to others in the region and across NSW to engage in providing free legal help.”

Blackwell Short Lawyers


Cheney Suthers Lawyers


Hughes & Co


Kenny Spring Solicitors


Kneebone & Associates Solicitors


LS Legal



Moore & Co Solicitors


NGT Lawyers


Rebecca Scott Legal


Toby Tancred Solicitor


The offer by these firms is in addition to free help offered by members of the Law Society’s Pro Bono Scheme, including in the Central West, through the Disaster Response Legal Service coordinated by Legal Aid NSW. People with legal issues arising from natural disasters can find out how to access that help here or call 1800 801 529.

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