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Compare and Contrast US ESG Litigation with APAC Trends

Bloomberg Law announced the release of an environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) litigation report that draws upon emerging ESG legal and compliance issues from dockets across the US in 2022 and early 2023 and provides a data-driven analysis of ESG disputes filed in federal district courts.

Through carefully curated research of federal district court dockets by Bloomberg Law legal analysts, this first-of-its-kind quantitative report offers insights into the filing trends that will help attorneys easily identify the high-risk areas and key market opportunities they need to stay on top of in this emerging practice area. It includes full-year 2022 and first-quarter 2023 totals for ESG-related lawsuit filings in federal district courts, up-close assessments of legal hotspots and key cases, and deep-dive data on the courts, industries, and parties that are defining ESG law.

Among the key findings: 

  • There are four major categories of ESG-related lawsuits: 
    • environmental justice
    • product advertising
    • employment & DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion)
    • corporate representations.
  • A fifth category, ESG investment practices, has been the subject of very few lawsuits to date but has been identified as a future area to watch.
  • Courts in the Ninth Circuit are seeing more than twice as many ESG-related lawsuits as any other circuit.

"This comprehensive report provides the clear, data-driven insights required to navigate the complex and rapidly evolving ESG landscape," said Alex Butler, Vice President of analysis & content of Bloomberg Law. "With detailed analysis on litigation trends and outcomes, Bloomberg Law helps legal professionals identify key risks and opportunities and enables them to better serve their clients."

The ESG Litigation report is the second report in Bloomberg Law's 2023 Litigation Statistics series and will be followed by a report on Multidistrict Litigation. Follow the link to obtain a complimentary copy of the Bloomberg Law report and compare it with the ESG Trends in Asia Pacific report that Roohi Ghelani of Ndevr Environmental and Richard Allen of Baker McKenzie authored.

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