Embracing Your Best Work Life

Embracing Your Best Work Life | Settify

For many professions, the modern workplace looks almost unrecognisable compared to even a few years ago. The traditional “work from a fixed location, every day” arrangement often fails to meet the needs of many in the workforce. This can result in wasteful expenditure, increased turnover and limited potential for hiring talent. Successful business leaders have adopted new strategies that motivate and engage employees and make the workplace inclusive regardless of its setup.

Whether due to the pandemic, the current employment market or lifestyle choices, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to secure good talent. Companies adopting a hybrid or entirely remote working arrangement find themselves with a global workforce from which to recruit. Those companies have the best chance of finding the best talent for any given role.

The "work from anywhere" culture adopted by Settify has allowed them to recruit a highly-skilled, diverse and motivated team from all over the world. Diversity amongst teams has proven to increase creativity and production for businesses. The Settify team come together from Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Barbados, Canada, the Philippines, the USA, the UK and Australia. They all have the tools that allow them to work from anywhere as long as there is internet access. Settify's clients also benefit by having teams in different time zones, ensuring response times for support enquiries are quick - generally resolved within 3 hours.

Companies that offer their staff the option of work location have noted greater loyalty and productivity from their team. The relief from commuting improves work-life balance and has given rise to solid productivity. Employees not only win back time otherwise lost to travel but also save on the cost of commuting to and from a fixed location. Work-life balance is a crucial driving factor for most people. A study by seek showed that 92% of people stated that work-life balance would affect their decision to change jobs or careers.

When staff have the freedom to work from anywhere, they become more motivated and engaged. In addition, when staff feel trusted and empowered, morale and productivity increase. Every person at Settify feels valued and understands that their role and actions are integral to the company's overall success. Knowing that you are a trusted employee empowered to make decisions encourages a strong work ethic that removes the need for a manager to keep track of your activities. Settify is a results-driven organisation where staff have the freedom to execute projects and achieve goals at a time that suits their circumstances.

A culture that allows your team to work from anywhere and achieve goals around personal circumstances opens your hiring prospects to those located anywhere. It also attracts talented people who require flexible working arrangements. It also means that if any of the team decide they would like to experience living in a different part of the country or world, they can do so while continuing employment with Settify. "Losing amazing talent is something we are keen to avoid, so if our team want to experience life differently during their time with us, we actively support their decision", states Paul Psaltis, Global CEO at Settify. "Half of Settify's staff are working parents who appreciate the flexibility. Working around your family is embraced rather than hidden. It's not uncommon for children (the human or fur kind) to sit in on huddles or meetings."

One sure way to help your business thrive is to ensure that your employees, the backbone of your operation, are thriving too. "Employees are looking to work for companies that provide a working environment that actively motivates their team, inspires productivity and takes steps to eliminate burnout. Successful companies embrace technological advancements to cultivate a flexible and positive working environment resulting in a loyal and happier workforce. The reason for this is simple: while this may benefit their employees, ultimately, employers stand to gain so much more when their people are happy," concluded Psaltis. 

Authored by Settify.

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