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For Format’s Sake! A Guide For Lawyers Who Produce Their Own Documents

How many times have you spent longer than you should on creating and updating documents? And wonder if you could bring back all the hours you have invested in fixing legal documents in Microsoft Word?

Well, then you must download the free e-book 'For Format's Sake! A Guide To Help Lawyers Produce Their Own Documents' by Bluebird Support Services

This book is specially written for lawyers to revisit MS Word skills and become competent Word users, producing documents that are of a professional standard without spending hours on these documents! There are so much useful information and solutions to problems that you may not have known how to fix - which could save you lots of trouble and headache! 

The book will be a catalyst for you to advance your skills and for you to have more time on your hands after perfecting your document formatting skills. Spend more time on what really matters, not on these Word documents!

Download the book now.

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