CPD courses for Lawyers

Free CPD Courses Reveal For AU Lawyers

We know how important CPD training is for lawyers. With the aforementioned in mind, we are delighted in providing access to great training resources for your continuing professional development.

We will reveal a great range of exceptional, free CPD courses for lawyers, which will be shared to the LPI eBulletin subscribers.

What courses?

They focus on a broad range of important topics such as:

  • Law firm pricing
  • Automation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business development
  • Contract enforceability
  • Law firm growth
  • Estate planning and more! 


If you would like to receive these courses directly in your email, please ensure that you are subscribed to our fortnightly eBulletin.


Due to timelines being tight and as a special courtesy, LPI subscribers will receive links to the courses in your email box on Wednesday 16, March 2022.

How can you help?

Please share this article with other lawyers in your network so they subscribe and gain access too. The CPD courses will be extremely useful for law firm professionals and we are sure they will be appreciate you sharing.