Govt Fund AU Law Firms and LegalTech Exporters | LPI

Govt Fund AU Law Firms and LegalTech Exporters | LPI

Currently, a wide misconception exists in Australia that technology and service-based businesses are not exporters. This means a considerable number of technology and other service-based companies are missing out on grant potentials.

In reality, 70% of Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) applications are made up of service providers. Service-based businesses that engage in any form of overseas investment such as marketing or patent protection may be eligible for unrealised financial support from the government.

Available services 

A variety of grants are accessible for Australian businesses that are currently or planning on investing in overseas marketing. Upfront EMDG grants can cover 50% of eligible marketing expenses with the maximum grant being between $40,000 and $150,000 per annum depending on the tier you qualify for. By utilising upfront funding, a quick turnaround can be made from approval to receiving payment.

If your business is based in NSW and was exporting goods and services before the impact of COVID-19, you can receive a 50% return on up to $20,000 on expenses. It is a great opportunity for businesses to liquidate SOC 2, ISO 9001, ISO 2000, ISO 27001 compliance costs that are ineligible under other grants.


Research has found that your business may be an eligible technology supporter if:

  1. The majority of your software or service is made or designed in Australia
  2. You are experiencing a strong sales volume domestically
  3. You have engagement or interest from international clients
  4. You are planning to or currently invested in international market
  5. The business shows feasibility to capture a larger market

Receive the best possible chance at accessing grants

To maximise your potential to receive government grants, a consultancy like Grant Help is your best bet. Grant Help is a group of proven end-to-end Australian grant consultants that is revolutionising the way Australian service businesses expand their potential.

Comprised of a team of multi-disciplinary professionals, Grant Help’s staff boasts over 50 years of experience in writing, assessing, submitting and auditing government grants.

As a specialist government funding consultancy, their team will focus on bringing your ideas to market quicker, accessing funding potentials, and giving you an advantage over your industry competitors.

Client Experiences

Lachie Catanese

"We are pleased to be working with multidisciplinary law firms based in Sydney, bridging the gap of knowledge surrounding government grants. Its rewarding to the impact funding has had on accelerating growth for our clients" stated Lachlan Catanese.

Grant Help has been directly involved in helping New South Wales businesses recognise their eligibility for the NSW Export Assistance Grant. As a preferred government grant consultancy for the NSW Treasury, Grant Help has been successful in claiming 15% of the total NSW Export Assistance Grant budget for its clients.

Recently, a SOC 2 compliant cybersecurity client engaged Grant Help for assistance in receiving NSW Export Assistance funding. Thanks to their consultants streamlined process, the client received over $7,000 in a very short timeframe.

This client has now established a longstanding relationship with Grant Help, receiving over $350,000 across three years which has attributed to over $700,000 in international marketing expenses through the EMDG grant.

Begin your grant application today

With a no-win-no-fee service and a complimentary consultation with Grant Help, it is a risk-free opportunity to discover the unrealised potential of your business. If your business has the opportunity to infiltrate the international market, contact Grant Help to assist you in accelerating the pathway to achieving your commercial ambitions.

Grant Help

Information provided by Grant Help - 1300 367 348

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