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Property Update By Macquarie Group

Key points from Macquarie Group

1. Before Covid: strong growth in house prices – particularly Sydney and Melbourne

2. After Covid: listing numbers fell sharply but now back to average levels of last year

3. Rising unemployment and reduced migration – affecting demand for rental properties

4. Mortgage rates down and affordability up

5. Macquarie predicts current interest rates should continue for two to three years

6. Dwelling prices have fallen only 2% – 4% depending on area of Australia. This is a mild fall under the circumstances

7. Macquarie predicts that the government would intervene if dwelling values were to fall by more than 10%

8. Long term impact of Covid: Events like Covid accelerate existing trends, e.g. a shift to cheaper regional areas aided by the ability to work from home

9. Commercial real estate: trend acceleration – growth in ecommerce at expense of retail. Growth in logistics real estate 

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