Landers & Rogers AI Lab

Lander & Rogers AI Lab Launched

Lander & Rogers has reinforced its position as one of Australia's most forward-thinking law firms with the launch of the AI Lab ─ a program dedicated to AI and its impact on the legal profession.

Following on from its lauded AI clinical program for undergraduate law students in partnership with leading research institution Monash University, the AI Lab by Lander & Rogers recognises the power of AI in the law and its potential to enhance client service and super-charge firm efficiency.

AI has sparked a rapid evolution throughout the legal profession, and Lander & Rogers is committed to remaining at the forefront of innovation, especially as it relates to emerging technologies. The AI Lab by Lander & Rogers fuses cutting-edge AI research, development, education, and ethics to shape the future of law.

As a top priority, Lander & Rogers is one of the first independent law firms in Australia to deploy Microsoft Copilot. The cutting-edge generative AI assistant is now embedded in the firm providing support in diverse tasks such as contract drafting and review, data extraction and analysis, legal research and reasoning, and even simpler activities like formatting documents, composing emails or summarising meetings.

Lander & Rogers chief executive partner Genevieve Collins said: "Our investment in this new AI Lab is a testament to the firm's innovative core and commitment to excellence in legal services. We believe this strategic investment will not only lift our technological capabilities but also set new benchmarks for the profession."

Lander & Rogers' chief innovation officer and AI strategic lead, Michelle Bey said: "Embracing AI isn't just a choice; it's an imperative in maintaining our position as innovation leaders in Australia as we look toward the future. There is an undeniable synergy between law and AI, and like any traditional industry, the legal industry must leverage it. Introducing our AI Lab isn't just about adapting; it's about defining the next legal horizon."

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