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Law firms have traditionally been conservative with their approach to marketing and for good reason considering the reputational risk aspects.

One very essential reason for law firms to seek new marketing opportunities is, of course, to attract new clients. Through marketing law firms need to maintain their brand equity and strong relationships with existing clients, while demonstrating their value proposition to prospective new clients.

With the aforementioned in mind does your marketing approach align with the firm's goals? Are there better ways to reach more clients? Perhaps it is time to consider further improvements relative to email marketing, digital marketing, A/B testing, CRM & social media, branding, PR agencies (or possibly other areas)?

We are pleased in sharing BD Roundtable's marketing resources for you law firm's consideration below:

  • The future of law firm CRM & Social Media uncovering law firm social media programs, status of CRM in professional service firms, AI integration and privacy concerns, measuring revenue from marketing campaigns (see above)

Speakers: Alexander Low, the managing consultant at PA Consulting, Podcaster at The Death of a Salesman, Advisor at Lately and Choix, Mentor at Legal Geek Mentorship Programme 

Speakers: Joe Escobedo author, coach, media contributor, digital marketing, William McLaughlin - Legal BD & Marketing

Speakers: Matt Baldwin - Managing Director at Coast Communications and PR strategy, media relations, crisis management, marketing communications specialist

Speakers: Dennis de Rond - Founder of Skyne, Barbara Koenen - Legal BD & Marketing

Speakers: Paul Evans - Managing Director of Toro Digital - Digital Marketing for Law Firms, William McLaughlin - Legal BD & Marketing

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