Law Firm Transformational Success

Law Firm Transformational Success

Legal Practice Intelligence interviews Jane Oxley, CRO of Smokeball, to discover the latest legal industry findings from a leader in the sector.

Jane unwraps what innovative firms are moving towards, including billing transparency, and mentions what changes are happening in the legal landscape and what clients want from their law firm.

She laments that law firms focus on the practice of law; however, many practitioners are running their law firms' businesses as secondary. Jane also comments on what an excellent law firm looks like and how they are de-stressing their practices while solving problems and raising productivity gains.

David & Jane also discuss how more and more firms recognise that having great systems in place is beneficial for hiring new personnel, remote work, converting new leads into clients and succession planning.

Jane mentions that firms are embracing mobile and are interested in client experience and leveraging automation to constantly communicate with clients while working on their matters.

Review the interview below and discover how to improve your practice.

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