LTC4 iTrain Novum Learning Managing Documents and Emails Course

Lawyers Win Trifecta with LTC4 Industry Certification

Great news for anyone working in legal across the world. The first stand-alone LTC4 Core Competency Learning Plan content has been delivered by legal IT training specialists, iTrain Legal and is now available on the innovative Novum Learning platform. 

The key to the initiative is to democratise best-practice skills to the broader legal industry personnel – lawyers, trainees, support staff, law schools, and small and medium-sized law firms. 

Through LTC4’s alliance with Novum Learning which was announced in 2021, it was acknowledged that a critical core competency discipline for the legal sector was managing documents and emails. There is no doubt that lawyers and legal support workers spend a great number of hours working on sensitive documents. Becoming technologically competent at managing documents and emails is an essential skill for legal professionals, improving productivity, ensuring consistency and data security while mitigating risks. 

The decision to prioritise this as the first of the LTC4 Learning Plans to be hosted as an online programme was therefore made, and this managing documents and emails course and the resulting LTC4 Certification of competence are now available to individuals free of charge to the legal profession until 30 June 2022! 

“Tens of thousands of smaller firms and individuals do not have the same resources as the large law firms. However, there is still a requirement within the legal services industry personnel to upskill, particularly within ever-changing technology and the evolving demands of law firm clients,” stated Bonnie Beuth, Chair of LTC4. 

“The efficient management of documents and emails is a core process within all law firms. iTrain Legal is delighted to support this innovative initiative by supplying our online courses to assist lawyers and legal support workers. It reaffirms our commitment to promoting best practices and raising technology standards across the legal profession.  

Our content, based on the industry-leading iManage Work 10 system, will assist smaller firms to get the most from their technology, and individuals to invest in learning which can be applied for the rest of their career.” stated Dorigen Sykes, Managing Director of iTrain Legal. 

“In conjunction with raising standards and driving productivity, this initiative will be a mechanism providing learning pathways for legal professionals embarking on career progression,” stated Shaun Locke, CEO of Novum Learning. 

“Novum Learning and LTC4 will deliver outcomes for lawyers who need to adapt to an ever-changing, ever demanding digital world. Through this initiative, both organizations aim to address knowledge gaps and provide professionals with Certification of competence on the core technology skills needed within the profession,” added  Bonnie Beuth, Chair of LTC4.

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