Lawyers Win with AnyLaw & Legal Practice Intelligence

Lawyers Win with AnyLaw & Legal Practice Intelligence

AnyLaw, the free and friendly legal research platform, announced today that has partnered with Legal Practice Intelligence (LPI) to bring LPI’s proprietary legal news, opinion, analysis and other resources directly to AnyLaw users.

“I am thrilled to announce this great news for AnyLaw users,” said Steve Tover AnyLaw CEO. “Legal Practice Intelligence is a natural partner for us as we build our legal marketplace. LPI’s original content complements our case law and will further enhance the AnyLaw user experience.”

The articles published by Legal Practice Intelligence are the latest news, analysis and thought-provoking opinion pieces on the trending business of law and legal technology developments. LPI’s content will be available on AnyLaw’s topic pages and will also be accessible via filtered keyword searches. Users will gain free legal industry content and courses, with the option to upskill with paid eLearning courses instructed by global industry experts and designed to accelerate career progression. 

“We are delighted to share these highly reliable resources that AnyLaw users can easily access,” added Tover.

“LPI is determined to continuously deliver intriguing articles for lawyers and legal support workers and offer thought-provoking insights on optimal business practices, new technologies, corporate legal and career-related news and resources. We also recognise the growing connectivity between law firms and businesses across the world and realise the importance of building a global community of industry professionals, hence the importance of partnering with AnyLaw. We remain active in the pursuit of the most valued and up-to-date legal industry content and understand that AnyLaw and LPI’s readership appreciate high-quality information that is accessible on both platforms,” stated Shaun Locke, CEO of Novum Learning. 

About AnyLaw

AnyLaw is a dynamic new way to do legal research. AnyLaw is a free and friendly legal research platform with full coverage of US state and federal case law, that gives you unlimited access to massive amounts of valuable legal data, organized in a way that will save you time and money. Our massive library is comprised of data drawn from a multitude of resources and includes archival and current caselaw, as well as just released slip opinions, all accessible under leading-edge search technology. For more info please visit

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