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Legal Industry Specialization | Patrick McKenna

Today, more than ever, prospects are searching for subject matter experts and trusted advisors to help solve their problems. To be successful, it takes focus, specialization, recognition and authority to stand-out in an overcrowded, highly competitive legal market with risk-avoiding, impatient buyers who can find numerous alternative providers in short order. Download and access the eBook for free by following the link at the bottom or visit our Legal Practice Intelligence eBook store.

Industry Specialization: Making Competitors Irrelevant eBook

  • The 12 best diagnostic questions to evaluate whether you have a genuine industry focus;
  • Steps to take to form a new industry group;
  • The best ways to have your people explore any industry’s revenue and growth potential;
  • 7 steps to take to make your industry group efforts worthwhile;
  • Common failings that clients observe and discuss amongst themselves;
  • 4 different kinds of meetings capable of producing high performance with your industry group;
  • 12 actions to position yourselves as recognized industry thought leaders;
  • 10 actions to effectively monitor industry trends;
  • What to do if a chosen industry initiative falters;
  • How to utilize sales professionals in representing your industry team to the marketplace;
  • How to develop a truly multidisciplinary industry team;
  • AND so much more (17 Chapters / 290 Pages)

eBook Reviews

"Your content is absolutely on point and reflects much of our experience over the past 8 years after we aligned our firm into industry business units (with full P&L responsibility)," Paul Eberle, Chief Executive – Husch Blackwell LLP.

"The tone and directness really appealed to me. “Do this, don’t do that. Think about this, don’t forget that” is exactly what is needed and can only come from years and years and the many firms you have seen succeed or fail. No shortcuts, no magic wands but a logical, sustained and committed approach – is what’s called for," Gillian Ward, Global Chief Marketing Officer – Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner. 

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