Government Funding to End Family Violence

Lighthouse to Shine Brighter for Family Law Matters

The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia's latest press release announcing the additional government funding dedicated to mitigate family violence, has been summarised for you below.

The substantial funding of $63.75 million as part of the 2022-23 Budget and the National Plan will support family violence matter resolution and enhance the safety of the vulnerable parties. Essentially, the additional funding will support the national expansion of Lighthouse project (family violence risk screening and assessment process), the appointment of Indigenous Family Liaison Officers, safety enhancement for those involved in family law disputes while increasing supporting for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. 

“This funding is very good news for the Australian public. The Courts have been piloting the Lighthouse Project in Adelaide, Brisbane and Parramatta registries, where it has not only shed light on the high prevalence of risk in family law cases, but assisted the Courts to manage those risks appropriately. Senior Judicial Registrar Lisa O’Neill is to be commended for her role in the creation and development of the Lighthouse Project.

“Importantly, this funding will also ensure the Courts can provide greater access to justice for family law litigants who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. Funding for the 11 additional Indigenous Family Liaison Officers is crucial to assist with specialist Indigenous lists and other parts of the Courts’ case management pathway, as Indigenous Family Liaison Officers undertake a vital role in building relationships between the Courts, local communities and support services,"

“Securing these important resources has been a key priority of the Courts. The additional funding appropriately recognises the work that our Courts do and the critical need for further registrar, Child Court Expert, Indigenous Family Liaison Officer, and support staff resources for the Courts to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable parties and children,” The Chief Justice, the Hon Will Alstergren added.   

“This funding recognises that there has been a substantial increase in the prevalence of family violence and high risk cases in the family law system, and the heightened need for so many parts of the country to have the critical support that the Lighthouse model can provide,” adds Mr David Pringle, the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Registrar of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

Please follow the link to access the full press release 'The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia to receive $63.75 million in Government funding announced in the 2022-23 Budget'.

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