New LTC4 Learning Plans Announced | LPI

New LTC4 Learning Plans Announced | LPI

Today LTC4 announces two new Learning Plans developed to address the current challenges facing the industry.

All the LTC4 core competency Learning Plans have been developed by individuals working in training roles within law firms across the world and these two are no different. By legal for legal they are scenario-based and designed to be relevant to the way that legal professionals and support staff are working now.

LTC4 Learning Plans provide a clearly defined structure for training programmes and an opportunity for individuals to achieve LTC4 Certification. This globally recognised Certification provides reassurance to clients that their advisers are tech competent. Recent surveys demonstrate that tech efficiency = improved productivity = better profitability.

The new Learning Plans are as follows:

Hybrid Working*: Being able to work remotely: efficiently, responsibly, and securely.

Circumstances related to the global pandemic have changed how—and where—many lawyers work, with working virtually becoming the norm (whether temporarily or more permanently). While that move may have been unexpected or earlier than planned for some, survey data from the 2020 Legal Trends Report shows that more and more legal professionals foresee virtual work becoming the norm.

Video Conferencing: Providing the skills needed to confidently participate in and facilitate remote meetings.

The 2020 Legal Trends Report shows that 37% of consumers prefer to meet via video for their first meeting with a lawyer, and 50% prefer to meet via videoconference for follow-up meetings as well. In fact, the report shows that 52% of consumers believe that most legal matters could be handled remotely.

Hybrid Working/Video Conferencing Package (special purchase price until end of December 2021)

The cost includes:

  • Learning Plans for Legal Professionals & Legal Support Staff
  • Certification Pre-Check for your assessment method
  • 2 x submissions for Certification

All LTC4 Learning Plans are “app-nostic” and are therefore relevant regardless of the applications in use on the legal desktop. The process for LTC4 Certification is simple and provides a clear competitive advantage when clients are seeking their legal advisers.

*this Learning Plan replaces the previous Remote Working Plan

LTC4 – working for a future where all legal professionals use technology efficiently and can prove it.

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