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Practice Evolving with Purpose, Positioning and Pricing

PracticeEvolve hosts John Chisolm to explore the critical role of Purpose, Positioning, and Pricing in defining your law firm's strategy through their upcoming webinar. These key elements are for standing out in a busy legal market while moving your practice ahead.

Chisholm is a distinguished leader with a rich history of steering and consulting with Australian and International law firms towards innovation, market leadership and a better business model. His expertise offers a unique chance to learn effective strategies from someone who has successfully applied these strategies in the legal field for more than four decades.

Chisolm is ready to share effective strategies and give you actionable advice on sharpening your firm’s focus, choosing your clients more carefully, and executing your pricing strategy.

Session Plan

  1. Purpose analysis: Why your firm exists and who really cares?
  2. Strategic sacrifice: Why the best firms say "no" more than "yes".
  3. Differentiation over superiority: Why being different beats being better.
  4. Client conundrum: Why bad clients drive out good clients.
  5. The price of position: Aligning your pricing strategy with your firm's positioning.

If you’re involved in leading or growing a law firm, this webinar is packed with insights you don't want to miss.

John Chisolm practice session

A 3rd generation “recovering” lawyer, previously a partner, managing partner and chief executive of Australian law firms. Chisolm established his own consultancy in 2005 to share his expertise and experience with professional firms who look to maximise their performance by adopting better and different business models and mindsets. He now speaks, educates, facilitates, coaches and consults.

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