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Smokeball Acquires FamilyProperty | LPI

Smokeball has streamlined its end-to-end experience for family law professionals with the acquisition of an industry-leading platform FamilyProperty, an innovative product that empowers families to resolve parenting and financial issues more efficiently, amicably, and cost-effectively.

Created by Fiona and Tim Kirkman, an accredited family law specialist and technologist respectively, FamilyProperty offers a better way to manage family law matters online and collaboratively. The platform addresses the unique challenges that the entire family law ecosystem faces. The concept was originally created by Professor Patrick Parkinson, a leading contributor to the Australian family law community.

Family law is a practice that has not traditionally had a significant focus from technology creators and innovators,” explains Hunter Steele, Smokeball CEO.

“We wanted to increase our commitment to family law professionals and help bring a ‘new law approach’ to this area, by creating highly specialised software. We have been incredibly impressed by what Fiona and Tim have created and are thrilled to welcome them into the Smokeball family”.

While FamilyProperty has previously been available through Smokeball, the acquisition allows next level integration for users and resource investment to grow the tools and capability of the platform, ensuring FamilyProperty is the best possible platform for all users, including those who utilise it independently of Smokeball.

“We are delighted to join Smokeball and work with another trailblazer in the Australian practice management space,” says Fiona Kirkman, CEO of FamilyProperty.

“This is the right time to accelerate our innovation and expand the reach of FamilyProperty to make it the 'must have' platform for the family law profession.”

Terry Giannakopoulos, CEO of BinaryZen Ventures, a seed investor in FamilyProperty, adds, “We were looking to partner with a team that understood how technology can drive change in Australia's legal system. We partnered and funded FamilyProperty from its inception and are extremely supportive of its future under Smokeball’s ownership.”

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