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Taits Legal Optimises Hybrid-Working With BigHand WMS

Taits Legal has been providing legal services in Warrnambool and South-West Victoria for over 150 years, since 1867. The forward-looking firm is always seeking for new ways to provide its clients with first-class legal services of the highest standard, provided by friendly legal professionals in a timely and effective way - and has an innovative approach to technology to enable that vision.

A BigHand client since 2013, the firm has taken further steps to solidify it’s partnership by opting to convert its standard licenses to the full legal workflow management solution hosted in the cloud. The firm will roll out the solution to all of its lawyers and support staff, building on the familiar existing voice delegation platform.

The full workflow management solution allows work to be automatically routed to the right support staff at the right cost to the firm, and monitored throughout the process. Output reports can be used by management for visibility of key metrics like work type, volume, capacity and utilisation to allow firms to make data-driven decisions around staffing, training and performance.

With hybrid-working here to stay, the technology will enable the firm to continue to offer its outstanding levels of service irrespective of physical location, with lawyers able to easily delegate and monitor work from any location, and management able to move work around to the most relevant support staff with capacity.

Amanda Mills, Office Manager at Taits, worked with the partners to make the migration happen seamlessly. She commented, “On review of our technology needs, we wanted to use more workflow to create visibility for lawyers and management of work being done from each location. We are driven to adopt more cloud-based technology, so the decision to move to BigHand Workflow Management with the full visibility and reporting benefits, while supported in the cloud, was a simple choice. We are also migrating to a new infrastructure and knowing BigHand can seamlessly support this was just great.”

Tony Rehal, BigHand's Client Services & Solutions Director, commented, “Taits Legal is a firm that prides itself on using the latest technology to provide high-quality service to their customers and this is something we have supported since we started our partnership 8 years ago.”

Tony also shared, “BigHand’s cloud-enabled workflow solution will allow the firm to optimise the service offered to their lawyers and clients in a hybrid-working environment by providing easy prioritisation and management into all delegated tasks. Having greater visibility over the volume and type of work lawyers across the different offices and practice groups are delegating, will provide Taits with the information to make informed business decisions.”

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