The Return of Offline Events | Legal Industry

The Return of Offline Events | Legal Industry

For the last two years, we have realized the power of technology; everyone was Zoomed-In to their workstation. Be it office work, professional networking, learning events or even family functions (birthdays, anniversaries, funerals) – were all virtual. LinkedIn, Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and Clubhouse, to name a few, were all over. 

Historically, people have travelled distances to enhance their knowledge, study, listen to experts, meet industry leaders and peers, and build networks. We have known the value that networking brings to our lives and work for a long time. Professional conferences as a medium of networking have been crucial and have enhanced our knowledge base and connections. 

During the pandemic, there were debates that online events and conferences are economical and offer great flexibility. However, post-pandemic, the viewpoint has changed. Experts still believe that offline events were better as these included face to face networking, social connection and involvement. 

We are not trying to bring the pros and cons of offline vs. online events through this post. The objective is to appraise our audiences with the most amazing and looked out global legal events. 

Although the West is considered the epicentre of legal innovation, we have some excellent qualifiers from the East. We hope you have not missed the following events that took place in the initial five months of 2022: 

Conference Start Date 

Conference Name 



01 March 

ABA TechShow 



08 March 


New York 


28 April 

Global Intellectual Property Forum 



30 April 

INTA Annual Meeting 2022 



03 May 

Legal Innovation & Tech Fest 2022 



09 May  2022 CLOC Global Institute Las Vegas US


If you have missed the above, don’t be disheartened, we still have seven months in 2022. Here is the list of remaining conferences: 

Conference Start Date 

Conference Name 

City, Country 



17 May 

Tech Playday 

London, UK 


Understand the elements of gamification in the legal industry 

18 May Leaders to Leaders Melbourne, Australia Offline Specifically designed for anyone moving into a leadership role by offering skills and guidance that will enhance their role.

18 May 

Future Lawyer Week UK 5.0 

London, UK 


An event that focuses on the legal industry’s innovative advancements through workshops, presentations, and a hackathon by leading legal innovators. 

24 May 

London Law Expo 

London, UK 


The expo explores a wide variety of topics, issues, and opportunities to assist law firms and legal businesses in increasing overall performance, profitability, and IT security. 

28 June Culture + Inclusion + Wellbeing Sydney, Australia Offline The conference navigates the best strategies in promoting and cultivating an inclusive work culture, focusing on mental health and employee wellbeing.
20-22 July TechLaw.Fest 2022 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Hybrid A thought-provoking, experiential, 'digireal' exhibition - making the metaverse real for you.

21 August 


National Harbor, US 


A conference where industry experts and the legal community collaborate on comprehensive peer-driven programs, educational content, and face-to-face networking to discover and evolve successful legal operation strategies. 

31 August - 2 September ALPMA Summit  Gold Coast, Australia Offline A 3-day event with over 25 sessions of workshops and seminars. These sessions cover HR, Marketing, Business Development, IT/Legal Technology, Strategy & Innovation, Operations, Finance & Leadership. 
August (TBC) 4th Cybersecurity, Data Breach & Data Privacy Forum Sydney, Australia Offline The forum will address the latest issues that are highly relevant to all firms and discuss ways to combat these challenges using the latest technology and strategies. 
8-9 September 16th Lawtech Summit Gold Coast, Australia Offline A networking and educational forum for many of the Top & Mid Tier law firm's CIO's across Australia and New Zealand. 
13 September
The British Legal Technology Forum
London, UK Offline One of the largest legal technology conference and exhibition in Europe,  exploring and examining systems, strategies, processes and platforms that will drive law firms and legal businesses.  

28 September 

Legal Geek Conference 

London, UK 


A worldwide networking event that gives information on the latest start-ups through many prestigious guest speakers. 

28 September LawFest 22 Auckland, New Zealand Offline A premier legal innovation and technology event.

06 October 

5th Legal AI Summit 

Berlin, Germany 


A hybrid event that brings together next-gen lawyers, legal experts and AI specialists to discuss accountable AI solutions, eDiscovery trends, and the future of legal technology. 

10 October 

Clio Cloud Conference 

Nashville, US 


The event offers a great blend of skill-building, networking, tech exploration, and more. 

14 October Future Firm Forum Queenstown, NZ Offline This forum attracts law firm leaders that wants to learn about the latest development and opportunities affecting the legal services industry.

20 October 

Global Legal ConfEx 

Dubai, UAE 


Attendees gain insights on litigation, contracts, technology, software, and much more. 

27 October 

AIPLA 2022 Annual Meeting 

National Harbor, US 


American Intellectual Property Law Association 

October (TBC) Lawtech Singapore  Singapore Offline A conference focusing on leading themes of technology relevant to the Asian legal market.
9 November 
Future-Law Legal Tech Conference 2022 
Vienna, Austria Offline
The conference focuses on the digitization of the legal field and legal tech through workshops and interactions. 

18 November 

ICIPL 2022 

London, UK 


International Conference on Intellectual Property and Law 

November (TBC) 2nd Advancing Women in Law  Sydney, Australia Offline An event designed for everyone that believe in developing and nurturing the role of women in the legal industry.

Do not forget that apart from the immersive in-person experience, most of these conferences also offer Continuous Legal Education (CLE) credits.

Conference preparedness

Unlike other professionals, lawyers tend to be more thorough in their approach and mostly strategize every life event. Attending with an open mind that leaving all the notions behind while setting learning goals for ourselves is optimum. 

Without much ado, now it’s time to schedule the events, buy tickets and finalize the itinerary. Best of luck and Happy Networking!!! 

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