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A New Era of Legal Engagements with AusLaw Concierge

AusLaw Concierge is an innovative platform designed to elevate the legal engagement landscape, fostering valuable connections and amplifying brand visibility for lawyers and firms. With a visionary new executive team at the helm, AusLaw Concierge is set to redefine the legal tech landscape, providing lawyers and firms with unparalleled opportunities for growth and success.

AusLaw will provide a concentrated hub of qualified professionals where users can refine their search for exactly who or what they need and when they need them. It levels the playing field for those without an enormous marketing budget. Rather than investing huge energy to secure the top place on Google or paying a fortune for online ads, AusLaw will match a searcher with the best person or service to suit their specific needs.

AusLaw Concierge's new executive plans to double down on the platform's four pillars of value to the legal profession: 

  1. Effective Marketing Source: Showcase your strengths and attract qualified leads, opening new avenues for business growth.
  2. Optimised Service Provider Search: Find, filter, and engage with the best service providers to meet your specific needs, creating mutually beneficial partnerships.
  3. Streamlined Engagement Process: Save valuable time and resources by streamlining the process of engaging assistance, eliminating unnecessary complexities.
  4. Recognised Professional Reputation: Receive recognition from industry experts and peers, validating your professional skills and reputation within the legal community.

Time is Money, and AusLaw Concierge Values Both

For Brisbane-based Family Law barrister Michael Alexander, time spent navigating back-and-forth communications to find suitable hearing and mediation dates was time taken away from his busy legal practice. Frustrated by this recurring inefficiency, he set out to create a solution that would not only streamline the scheduling process but also empower lawyers to connect more easily and focus on what they do best - practising law. Thus, AusLaw Concierge was born.

To date, AusLaw Concierge has been trialled with Michael's network of family law insiders in Queensland, receiving rave reviews from those who’ve successfully embraced it.

“AusLaw is so helpful, both in day-to-day work and at critical moments”, reports Grace Emmert, a solicitor at Lewis & Trovas Family Lawyers in Brisbane. “My principal and I were at court recently, and the judge made directions for a Family Report to be completed. The other side wanted to stand the matter down to ascertain the availability of various report writers. Instead, we just pulled up AusLaw, spotted that Laura Dodds was available on a particular date, called to book, and got orders made for the parties to attend her. That saved 2 weeks and several back-and-forth calls and emails. Ultimately, the client wins!”

To maximise the reach and success of AusLaw, the company is in the process of bringing on an executive team with a track record of success. 
"We are thrilled to attract such a high-calibre team of legal tech leaders to AusLaw Concierge," says Michael Alexander. "Their combined expertise will undoubtedly take the platform to new heights and empower legal professionals like never before."

Rachel Barnett: Harnessing the Power of AusLaw to bring together the legal profession 

Rachel  Barnett

Joining AusLaw Concierge as General Manager, Rachel Barnett boasts a background of over 15 years in Law, and most recently as Head of Australia and New Zealand at Settify. Rachel is enthusiastic about the platform's potential to bring the legal profession together. "Lawyers are always looking for new ways to bring in work, and feedback from lawyers globally is that the best (most qualified) leads come from word of mouth and referrals from colleagues.”  

As AusLaw Concierge is focused specifically on the legal ecosystem, it provides an unparalleled legal directory of qualified leads. It gives the entire profession a one-stop-shop to search and find the professional or service when and where they need it within seconds.  “Everyone I speak to about Auslaw tells me this has been needed in our profession for a long time, not just to help us be more efficient, but also to work together to be more collaborative and inclusive on a local and national scale, and that is what makes me so excited to be a part of this journey and to contribute to the success of our users."

Max Paterson: Envisioning a Web App revolution

Max Paterson

Incoming CEO Max Paterson is eager to lead AusLaw Concierge into the future. "We have an ambitious vision for the platform," says Max. "Our primary focus is to create a powerful Web App that will elevate AusLaw Concierge above and beyond the Mobile App. The Web App will make every participant on our platform searchable on engines like Google, transforming AusLaw Concierge into a valuable 'who's who.' It will feature the legal profession and the ecosystem of associated service providers that lawyers work with. This will further enhance the visibility and reputation of our users, opening up a world of opportunities."


Join AusLaw Concierge today

Lawyers and the professionals they frequently work with are now able to join AusLaw Concierge. That list spans property valuers, Family Report writers, medical experts, business valuers, accountants, and much besides. By becoming a part of this dynamic platform, lawyers, firms and other service providers can make scheduling headaches a thing of the past and connect with a vibrant community of legal insiders.

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