Hebbia plans to enhance its AI capabilities and expand its reach within the legal sector.

AI Startup Hebbia Sets Sights on Legal Market

Hebbia, a pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup based in the United States, has announced the successful completion of a $130 million Series B funding round. Led by Andreessen Horowitz with participation from Index Ventures, Google Ventures, and renowned tech investor Peter Thiel, this funding round elevates Hebbia’s valuation to approximately $700 million.

Founded in 2020, Hebbia has developed advanced AI software capable of analysing various digitised documents and data sources, including regulatory filings, PDFs, and multimedia content. This latest influx of capital will be directed towards further research and expansion of Hebbia’s software engineering team, enabling the company to continue its mission of transforming data analysis and complex query handling.

George Sivulka, Hebbia’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, recently commented, ‘We believe AI should be more than a transactional chatbot – it should be able to work like a human. We’ve built AI that works the way you work."

Expanding Capabilities for Legal

The firm has already hired a new Head of Legal, Ryan Samii. He was a Founder of Standard Draft, designed to accelerate the process of reaching agreement by combining, highly configurable contract forms with a two-sided platform for structured drafting and negotiating. He was also a Corporate Associate at the Los Angeles firm Paul Hastings.

Hebbia plans to enhance its AI capabilities and expand its reach within the legal sector and beyond. As part of its strategy to penetrate the legal market, Hebbia has already begun building a sales team focused on selling its AI-driven document analysis solutions to law firms.

Currently, Hebbia employs around 50 people, but it is poised to grow its workforce to support its increased focus on the legal industry.

How It Works for Legal Practices

Hebbia’s AI technology significantly benefits corporate lawyers and law firms. The software’s ability to precisely analyse vast amounts of data helps legal professionals manage complex queries, conduct thorough due diligence, and gain a strategic advantage in negotiations.

M&A Deal Points: Extract and compare key M&A provisions to gain the negotiation edge.
Corporate Due Diligence: Identify red flags across a full suite of contracts and other legal documents.
Patent Portfolio: Synthesise and query a full patent portfolio – no matter its size or complexity.
Litigation Depositions: Summarise key points and flag inconsistencies among hundreds of depositions.
Regulatory Review: Automate assessment of the evolving regulatory landscape on existing operations and contracts.
Commercial Contracts: Operationalise playbooks via automated analysis of customer and vendor contracts.
LPA and Side Letters: Track effective terms for fund investments.

About Hebbia

Hebbia is a leading AI startup based in the United States. Founded in 2020, it is focused on developing advanced software for data analysis and complex query handling. Its innovative technology is used by diverse clients, including law firms, asset managers, banks, and Fortune 100 companies.

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