Ashurst partners with Harvey AI platform for global generative AI rollout in legal services.

Global First! Ashurst Rolls Out AI to All Its Lawyers

Global law firm Ashurst has officially partnered with Harvey, a leading provider of AI solutions for legal and professional services. The firm continues to drive forward its digital transformation strategy and embrace Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI). This global partnership will provide all Ashurst lawyers and staff across every practice group, business services function, and office with access to Harvey on day one.

This is the latest step in Ashurst's digital, data, and technology journey. It follows its VoxPopulAI report, which unveiled robust qualitative and quantitative data on Ashurst's evaluation of GenAI use in the legal sector. Findings in this report were based, in part, on the positive outcome of Ashurst’s proof of concept with Harvey.

  • Ashurst onboards the first generative AI solution for client work as it partners with Harvey, providing access to all of its more than 4,000 lawyers and business services staff around the world;
  • Ashurst is the first global law firm to roll out Harvey across all offices from day one;
  • The firm undertook one of Harvey's most extensive global trials and pilots, involving over 525 users drawn from 23 offices worldwide and running over 4,000 queries in the pilot phase.

AI – Trained by Lawyers

Harvey is a legal AI platform that leverages domain-specific models trained by and for lawyers and other professional service providers. Ashurst will work with Harvey to support many aspects of client work, including document review, due diligence, drafting and market research.

Harvey’s AI platform is designed to automate various legal tasks. These include:

  • Document Review: Automating the review of legal documents significantly reduces the time required for this process.
  • Contract Analysis: Enhancing the accuracy and speed of contract analysis allows quicker identification of key terms and potential issues.
  • Data Processing: Efficiently handling large volumes of data, providing valuable insights that assist legal decision-making.

"GenAI is here to stay, and this is another step Ashurst is proudly taking to ensure its people and clients can leverage the full potential of this new technology", said Tara Waters, Ashurst's Chief Digital Officer.

"As a firm, we are committed to not only demystifying but harnessing the value of AI to support our people and clients and enhance our ability to deliver best-in-class service. Our partnership with Harvey is a significant step towards this, empowering our people with the digital, data, and technology capabilities to help us achieve our 2027 Strategy.”

About Harvey

Harvey is a trusted AI platform specifically designed for legal professionals. It leverages advanced AI and machine learning, offering products tailored to enhance workflows across various legal practice areas. The platform automates document drafting, analysis, and research tasks using domain-specific models fine-tuned by legal experts. Harvey provides tools for complex research questions, natural language document queries, and comprehensive workflow augmentation. Built on Microsoft Azure, it ensures high-security standards with comprehensive data protection measures.

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