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Assembly Makes a Case With Nuance Speech Recognition

Assembly Software, a Value-Added Reseller of Nuance Communications, announced the availability of Assembly’s Neos case management platform with the Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere cloud-hosted speech recognition solution for legal professionals. Adding Dragon Legal Anywhere alongside Neos allows legal practitioners to streamline their workflow and easily dictate directly into the Neos platform, aided by Dragon’s legal-specific vocabulary.

“With Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere and Neos, legal professionals can create, edit, and review legal documents faster and more accurately than ever before,” said Daniel Farrar, CEO of Assembly Software. “Legal professionals can dictate directly into Neos from any supported client and use voice commands to format, navigate, and edit documentation with ease. The combined solution allows users to securely access their documents virtually anywhere an internet connection exists and collaborate with legal teams in real-time.”

Key benefits of the combined solution include:

  • Cloud-hosted speech recognition empowers legal practitioners to work virtually anywhere an internet connection exists
  • Streamlined documentation - dictate directly in Neos
  • Reduced manual typing, data entry, and transcription bottlenecks
  • Neos and Dragon Legal Anywhere are hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, featuring industry-leading security and availability.

About Assembly

Assembly Software is a visionary software technology firm that blends decades of history and industry experience with next-generation, customer-focused innovation. It brings together two of the legal profession’s pioneering case management brands, Needles and Trialworks, which have contributed to Neos, Assembly's reimagined cloud-based solution. Neos is an innovative cloud-based case management platform that enhances any law firm’s productivity with configurable workflows, embedded AI automation, seamless integrations, and robust BI-enabled analytics.

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