Atticus Valued at $90 Million After Major Funding Round

Atticus Valued at $90 Million After Major Funding Round

Atticus, a Melbourne-based software firm, was founded six years ago to enhance the verification of regulated documents. The company, which has grown to a team of thirty, recently raised $10.84 million from Skip Capital and Blackbird Ventures.

This funding validates Atticus's success and supports its mission of quality product development. Initially focused on IPO prospectuses, the firm expanded to various document types due to client demand. With a team now spanning multiple geographies, Atticus plans to maintain its product-first culture while scaling with strategic partners.

Atticus and Artificial Intelligence

Atticus provides its users with innovative software solutions that streamline the fact-checking process for legal documents. By harnessing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), including generative AI technologies like ChatGPT, the company equips law firms and legal professionals with tools that significantly boost accuracy and efficiency in document preparation and review.

Regarding funding and the company, Atticus CEO Thom Mackey stated, “LLMs are powerful tools for many of our use cases, but they also have limitations and risks. Our users rely on Atticus for accuracy and trust. Generative AI tends to hallucinate, fabricate, and mislead, which is why legal professionals require specialised solutions like ours.”

He added, “We started Atticus to solve difficult problems and build a product that people love. This investment strongly validates our work and is a strategic step forward.”

This funding round marks Atticus's first external capital infusion after seven years of self-funding. The investment underscores the increasing confidence in Atticus’s solutions and their potential to impact the legal industry. The funds will fuel accelerated growth, broaden product offerings, and fine-tune technology to meet the evolving needs of the legal sector.

Kim Jackson of Skip Capital, co-owner with Atlassian co-founder Scott Farquhar, emphasised that “with increasing regulatory, compliance, and ESG governance requirements, Atticus is vital for helping companies and legal teams address these challenges.”

About Atticus

Atticus builds premium tools to support professionals in regulated environments. The world’s largest law firms and listed entities use its document review and verification software, which empowers seamless fact-checking before public disclosure.

About Blackbird Ventures

Blackbird Ventures incubates and invests in early-stage technology companies, providing operational support throughout the startup trajectory to develop market-transforming businesses. The firm is led by former founders and operators of successful software companies with extensive experience in building and growing innovative businesses.

About Skip Capital

Skip Capital is passionate about backing technology-enabled businesses. Skip invests in phenomenal founders and world-class teams with deep experience who are solving global problems.

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