AXEL Go Blockchain App Join Clio LegalTech Platform

AXEL Go Blockchain App Joins Clio LegalTech Platform

AXEL, a leading software company that provides privacy and security solutions, announce that its AXEL Go app will be available through Clio, a leading legal practice management company. This allows users to collect and share files in a more private and secure manner on mobile, desktop and the web, without any size limits on the documents, due to the blockchain technology and military-grade encryption.  

AXEL Go's enables optimal workflow management while providing strict defence against cyberthreats with the added layer of security. The new metadata preservation feature ensures that AXEL Go is highly secure, cost-effective and easy-to-use for legal professionals, eliminating the need for forensic examiners reducing the cost for firms. 

“We’re excited that Clio’s legal professionals can now experience AXEL Go and benefit from this intuitive and secure software that addresses their most important cybersecurity issues,” says Ben Ow, President and CTO of AXEL. “According to the ABA TechReport 2021, 25% of respondents reported that their firms had experienced a data breach at some point. AXEL Go is an easily implemented solution to help legal professionals organize their digital workspace, as well as keep their clients and practices safe from security risks.”

“AXEL Go deeply aligns with Clio’s values of delivering cloud-based and client-centered technology for legal professionals— securely and from anywhere,” says Jack Newton, CEO and Founder of Clio. “This integration furthers our dedication to helping app developers build new experiences, launch their app with impact and reach more customers. We’re thrilled to work with the whole AXEL team to bring this exciting integration into the Clio app ecosystem.” 

Using the same encryption technology that government agencies and military use when securing and sharing highly confidential files, AXEL Go reduces the risk of a data breach as they are split into small "shards" when distributed. The "Secure Fetch" feature conveniently allows the user to request files. Furthermore, the other party does not have to have an AXEL Go account for them to receive or send the files, user can access reporting informing when the files are viewed and downloaded.

The integration of AXEL Go on Clio manage platform supports the growing presence within the legal industry, followed by partnerships with The Florida BarCalBar Connect in partnership with The California Lawyers Association, and the ABA Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division (GPSolo).

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