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Axiom's AI Legal Talent Bench Surpasses 200 Lawyers

Axiom announced that its on-demand legal talent network has surpassed 200 lawyers with specific AI experience, giving in-house corporate legal teams and businesses of all sizes immediate access to a large global bench of experienced, high-quality AI talent in the legal services industry—at precisely the moment the industry needs it most.

In collaboration with clients, Axiom builds focused AI legal teams that help clients address the key areas they say require top AI legal talent today.

"We anticipated high demand for legal AI talent over a year ago and have focused on recruiting the highest-quality legal AI talent to the Axiom network ever since," said David McVeigh, CEO of Axiom. "The industry has passed the tipping point with the high volume of new AI regulations globally, concerns around ethical AI use, an AI skills gap internally, and AI technology evolving faster than legal teams can keep up. Many companies are finding demand for high-quality AI legal talent outstripping supply and extraordinarily expensive. With Axiom's deep bench of high-quality AI legal talent, we can help in-house teams quickly meet their AI talent, compliance, and technology needs without breaking their budget."

It's no secret that corporate in-house legal teams are embracing the transformative power of AI to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their legal operations. GCs and legal ops leaders increasingly recognise this era as a transformative moment for corporate law and want to invest in AI to automate and streamline processes in their day-to-day work. And in the case of technology and services vendors, in-house legal teams are being called upon to support the integration and use of safe, effective, and regulatory-compliant AI into new products and services.

But there's a catch. A recent study of 300 small, mid-sized, and large enterprise businesses found 41% of GCs reporting AI as among the new or emerging practice areas most likely to be in demand in the next two years—yet most in-house legal departments said they're unprepared to meet the daunting challenges posed by AI. More than two-thirds (65%) reported a lack of technology and product development lawyers in-house, about half (47%) had no data privacy and cybersecurity lawyers on staff, and most (70%) lacked in-house resources for new or emerging practice areas such as AI and machine learning (ML).

"Legal teams and technology developers are under immense market pressure to use AI for strategic business advantage and advancement, but they also need to be in lockstep with a rapidly evolving global regulatory landscape and ensure their AI use is trustworthy and safe," said C.J. Saretto, Chief Technology Officer at Axiom. "It's crucial for in-house legal departments to invest in experienced legal talent to harness AI's power while ensuring safe, effective, and legally acceptable use. The shift towards AI-savvy legal teams is quickening, and having the right AI legal talent at the right time will be the decisive factor between success or failure and effective risk mitigation."

Axiom is no stranger to helping in-house legal teams and legal operations with complex legal technology matters, having completed more than 1,400 technology engagements in the past five years. And even while building the company's deep legal AI talent bench, Axiom talent was stepping up to help Fortune 100 clients, other large enterprises, SMBs, and innovative startups capitalise on AI's capabilities and navigate related policy, regulatory, and operational challenges across industries and practice areas.

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