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BigHand SolutionsLeading legal technology provider sponsors the distribution of legal technology news.
BigHand empowers organisations with technology and data that targets key productivity enhancements that creates value for law firms, law firm personnel and their clients.

Teams that benefit from BigHand's solutions.

Operations & HR

Send work to the right resource, get support output reports, and resource matters with EDI and career development in mind with our workflow and resource management solutions.

Finance & Pricing

Visualise financial performance across the firm, practice group and individual lawyer with our BI dashboards, revenue analytics and pricing tools for effective matter budgeting, pricing and tracking.

Support Services

Streamline and optimise legal task delegation with our workflow solution. Make decisions on resourcing and productivity with work type, volume, capacity and utilisation data.


Delegate work, track progress and identify skilled resources with our legal productivity tools. Use our document creation solutions for templates and styling. Monitor matter profitability with our financial productivity tools.

Document Services

Easily centralise template management and house/document styling to demonstrate quality to your clients through professional, consistent and clean legal documents.


Surface key data metrics, streamline work delegation and create professional legal documents with our legal-specific technology. Easy to implement, easy to use and easy to support.

Business Development

Find, package and share intelligence for streamlined responses to legal RFPs, and improved legal business development. Access data and present to clients in the best way with our pitch and proposal tool.

A big thank you to industry veteran, Tony Bleasdale and the BigHand team!