Bunning's Offsite for InfoTrack Connections

Bunning's Offsite for InfoTrack Connections

InfoTrack employees drove to their nearest Bunnings carpark to collect a personal gift for achieving a new growth milestone.

InfoTrack CEO and Bunning’s enthusiast, John Ahern, said “We wanted to celebrate this milestone with a gift of thanks, but also delight and surprise our people by being creative with how we delivered the gift to everyone working from home. I sat down with April, our Office Manager, and after thirty minutes of brainstorming, we had a plan to create pop-up meeting places around
Australia where our people could come together in a COVID safe way, and that was Bunning’s carparks.”  

Mr Ahern personally drove around Sydney yesterday to hand deliver multiple iPhone 13 Pro Max mobiles to InfoTrackians in various locations. “There has never been a more crucial time to keep our people connected while continuing to work from home. Therefore, we chose to gift the latest iPhones to enable everyone to stay connected at work, and with our families, who in many cases
are all over the world.” says Ahern.

The first meeting point was at Bunning’s carpark in Randwick at 8.30am finishing at Warringah Mall Bunnings at 5.00pm in the afternoon. 

At the same time, Senior InfoTrack Executives, Denis Niclair from Melbourne, and Lee Bailie from Brisbane, also drove from one Bunning’s carpark to the next in their respective cities, saying hi to all the familiar InfoTrack faces and handing over more iPhones to help InfoTrack’s people stay connected. 

“Getting the team together when we have been so separated was a source of enjoyment and amusement for all who took part. As the 6th Great Place to Work, we know that if you look after your people, they will look after your clients. We thrive on caring about our people and working towards common goals, no matter where we are working from.” adds Ahern.

John Ahern InfoTrack CEO Bunnings

Figure 1: John Ahern, InfoTrack CEO handing over an iPhone 13 to InfoTrack employees, Jadan Rowley and Kim Cushwa at Crossroads Bunnings.

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