Challenges of Inheriting a Law Firm Case Study Reveal

Challenges of Inheriting a Law Firm Case Study Reveal

Inheriting a practice comes with many exciting opportunities, but there’s always a chance that outdated, inefficient practices may persist. That’s exactly what happened when sisters Madeleine and Geraldine took over their father’s law firm, Gallagher Solicitors & Conveyancers, back in 2020. 

The business transfer took place whilst Australia and the rest of the world were experiencing the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and nationwide lockdowns were forcing law firms and businesses to quickly adapt to remote working arrangements, which for many legal professionals meant working from home. 

For the two Gallagher sisters, inheriting the firm meant inheriting several inefficiencies, mostly paper-based processes that were easily costing them valuable time, effort, and money … and stopping them from working remotely in an efficient manner. 

After meeting Boab IT at the Smokeball Spark Conference in 2023, the sisters realised that their local IT service provider was simply not experienced with the unique legal tech challenges the firm faced and decided to make the move to Boab IT.

“We’re not IT people; we rely on our IT team to fix issues quickly and tell us what we don’t know. We never considered using a provider outside our local area, but the fact Boab IT only deals with law firms really appealed to me,” stated Principal Solicitor Madeleine Gallagher.

Sue Hood, CEO of Boab IT, stated, “What we do at Boab IT is not revolutionary – from years of experience working only with law firms, we know what IT it takes to run a successful practice”.

Hood continued, “For example, by providing faster laptops with a docking set-up both at home and in the office, Gallagher’s personnel can travel between locations and enjoy the same experience using just the one computer.  This not only streamlines Gallagher’s operations, but it also reduces the number of computers under management, which in turn lowers the license and support cost, as well as reduces the security risk.”

Read on to learn more about this success story from Gallagher Solicitors & Conveyancers and Boab IT.

About Gallagher Solicitors & Conveyancers

Gallagher Solicitors & Conveyancers is not your traditional law firm. Their 40 years of experience provide a unique local perspective, coupled with progressive thinking, on a wide range of legal matters. Gallaghers pride themselves on speaking straight up, avoiding all the jargon and communicating in a way that makes sense from the beginning. This fresh, honest, and loyal approach to legal matters ensures everyone is treated with respect, dignity, and positive energy.

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