Client Legal Review Service Through NowInfinity

Class Launches Client Legal Review Service Through NowInfinity

Australian wealth accounting technology business, Class Limited, has announced it is launching an on-demand client legal review service on its legal documentation platform, NowInfinity.

Currently launched as beta, NowInfinity’s client legal review (CLR) is an optional add-on service within NowInfinity’s Documentation Suite and is provided in partnership with NowInfinity’s legal services provider, DGF Morgan & Associates.

Client legal review is the examination and signing-off of a customer completed legal template, ensuring the document is appropriate given the legal scope chosen.  NowInfinity’s CLR service is designed to provide accounting professionals and their clients with an extra layer of legal assurance when ordering template documents from the NowInfinity platform to ensure compliance given customer input.

The three categories offered by NowInfinity’s CLR service include:

  • Data confirmation: Applicable when the data entered only is to be reviewed by the legal services provider.
  • Scoped review: Applicable when the document produced is to be reviewed taking into consideration particular concerns identified and raised.
  • Comprehensive: Applicable when the entire situation of the client needs to be considered.

NowInfinity's CLR service provides customers with the flexibility to obtain an appropriate level of legal review required as an optional, on-demand service when creating documents for their clients. For many other platforms, the cost of legal review is incorporated into their document platform removing well-informed choice. 

“We understand that, in certain situations, customers may need additional peace of mind when ordering legal documents,” Class Chief Risk & Operations Officer, Panos Alexandratos,  said. “We are pleased to bring this service to market with DGF Morgan & Associates.

“The client legal review service is another example of Class’ focus on empowering accounting firms with technology and services that make everyday tasks simpler, enabling practices to be more efficient while providing even greater value for money for our customers.”

NowInfinity’s full client legal review service will be available to all customers in early 2022.