Secure Court Proceedings

Cubicall and Immediation to Redefine Court Proceedings

Immediation, a fully configurable, holistic, online dispute resolution platform, and Cubicall, a U.S. manufacturer of custom phone booths and isolation spaces, announced a hardware-software collaboration to create Remote Court Privacy Pods that help streamline legal processes by providing secure communication for remote court and hybrid hearings across the country, expanding inclusive and efficient access to justice.

The strategic alliance pairs Cubicall pods with built-in Immediation video conferencing designed and purpose-built for courts and document reader technology. The Remote Court Privacy Pods can be placed in municipal buildings, including libraries, police and fire stations, offering safe, secure, private and confidential place to access the court system—especially useful in areas where the nearest court may be a hundred miles or more from participants in the proceedings.

Immediation‘s leading technology connects the booths to the court system through its bespoke Call Over module that provides the court with an easy scheduling system to transfer cases in and out of the Virtual Hearing Room. Courtroom interaction and processes are replicated with privilege and confidentiality considerations at the forefront, allowing parties to see and hear only what they are meant to, under judges’ and court administrators’ control. The integrated platform provides an intuitive user interface for all parties involved, helping maintain attorney-client privilege by keeping conversations private— whether it may be in a courtroom or public access point, and eliminating the need for multiple apps.

“We were extremely impressed with Immediation’s technology and found it to be the perfect match for our modular booths to provide a turnkey solution that easily integrates with court processes,” said Anthony Pucci, Co-founder of Cubicall. “The holistic solution allows courts, attorneys and other parties to manage cases efficiently and with confidence, regardless of where participants are located.”

“The Cubicall-Immediation solution redefines what a 21st-century court proceeding looks like,” said Joseph Panetta, Chief Global Marketing and Innovation Officer. “The functionality of our Call Over module and Virtual Hearing suite, coupled with Cubicall’s safe and private environment, removes obstacles that many people, especially the disadvantaged, face when trying to navigate the court system, and provides courts with the control they need.”

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