Day One Lessons from ILTACON 2022

ILTACON 2022 is back as an in-person event for the first time in over two years and bigger than ever before. The event in Washington D.C. has been sold-out with around 3,000 attendees and it remains the premier international legal technology event. LPI is attending and reporting from ITLACON this year for the first time in a long time.

An important aspect of the event is all about sharing knowledge to help law firms and corporate legal departments deliver outcomes to empower professionals, drive efficiency and transform the client experience. The emphasis continues to be on innovation and looking forward to emerging technologies.

But the event is more than just the tech. While it is only day one of the event, here are three insights that highlight the value of ILTACON and themes emerging this year:

  1. Connecting in person. ILTACON is ultimately about peers connecting in person and in developing and sustaining business relationships and personal friendships. The buzz in the air and the excitement of reconnecting with people for the first time in almost three years was palpable from day one. As well as connecting with peers, connecting in person with vendors is equally valuable with the most business partners and the largest vendor hall ever along with product and strategy updates from a host of key vendors.
  2. Education and thought leadership. Again, not just about technology with presentations and opportunities for learning including topics such as supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives, supporting environmental and social governance, and avoiding the great resignation as just some examples. One session taking place on day four, already fully subscribed, leads to a Lean Six Sigma accreditation. 
  3. Data is important. Whether it relates to IT, Knowledge Management, Innovation, eDiscovery/Litigation Support, Legal Operations, or any other aspect of running a law firm or corporate legal practice, management of data remains a key challenge. One speaker on day one referred to the tech as the easy part of managing data. And while the topic of Big Data is not new, the theme has evolved to include aspects such as AI solutions for data management, investing in Data Science capability for law firms, and the use of platform solutions for Data Analytics to manage data and leverage the data to produce no code/low code visualisations and applications.

LPI is looking forward to continuing to connect with clients and vendors over the full four days of the conference and hearing more about the innovative use of legal technology.

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