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DocJuris Pushes Button with AI Contract Review Software

Pioneering a new era in contract review: DocJuris debuts an AI-Powered solution to expedite negotiation, streamline review, enforce policy compliance, and enable instant, playbook-aligned edits with unprecedented simplicity.

DocJuris unveils its cutting-edge AI contract review software, designed to empower users negotiate contracts and enact precise edits with unmatched ease, all with the push of a button. This groundbreaking technology marks a transformative shift in traditional contract management.

DocJuris' platform aligns contracts with a company's unique policy or playbook, recommending focused changes via an intuitive checklist. This innovative strategy drastically curtails the hours spent on meticulous contract reviews and paves the way for businesses to expedite deals.

Henal Patel, the CEO of DocJuris, underscored the distinct advantages of their technology: "What makes DocJuris AI special is that we don't require a complex stack of documents that need to be trained and tagged. Instead, we leverage a company's playbook, in plain language, to surgically mark up contracts in seconds."

DocJuris' AI solution is uniquely geared towards personalising and streamlining the contract negotiation process for businesses. It enables legal and business teams to ensure compliance, empower self-service, and mitigate risks more efficiently by aligning policies and practices to their contract review process.

In an age of escalating complexity and increased cycle times, DocJuris offers a sophisticated, laser-focused solution. The software synchronises existing policies with the negotiation process, intending to eliminate misunderstandings, expedite the review process, and dramatically shorten the journey to completion.

In addition, DocJuris' proprietary AI respects privacy and data integrity while delivering unparalleled value to customers. It refrains from using contract data to train general models and ensures that contracts and playbooks are private and secure using enterprise-grade encryption. Further, DocJuris is independently SOC2 Type I/II certified and complies with privacy laws, including GDPR and CCPA.

About DocJuris

Located in Houston, DocJuris is a dynamic legal tech company committed to revolutionising contract review and negotiation with its state-of-the-art AI platform. Led by a seasoned team of legal professionals and tech enthusiasts, DocJuris seeks to optimise contract review processes, guarantee policy alignment, and reduce contract negotiation timeframes.

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