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Dynamic Connect and MS Teams to Boost Law Firm Profits

Dynamic Software Solutions (DSS), a leading wholesale supplier of solutions to IT MSP, Managed Print suppliers, and Professional Services firms, announces that it has integrated Microsoft Teams with its Dynamic Connect platform to let its clients effortlessly track and allocate billable hours.

According to DSS, the increased usage of Microsoft Teams among legal practices and accounting and strata management firms during and post-COVID-19 fuelled the drive to integrate the unified communication system with its Dynamic Connect platform.

“We’ve witnessed clients increasingly migrating to Microsoft Teams, and over the last few months, it has become significantly prevalent,” explained Derek Lawton, Manager of the Dynamic Connect platform. “The demand for Teams support was undeniable, and so our development team integrated it with our platform.”

Dynamic Connect is a cloud-based platform that provides professional services firms with integrated time billing and cost recovery solutions to help them streamline processes, save time, improve productivity and increase revenue.

Microsoft Teams allows legal, accounting and strata professionals to chat, video conference, call, meet, collaborate and more from anywhere and anytime via the Internet.

“In our post-COVID world, the office workspace has changed forever. Staff are more mobile, prefer to work remotely some of the week and desire flexibility, yet they still need to remain connected with colleagues, the office and, of course, their clients and Teams let them do this quite effectively. We have seen its appeal grow as the usage of phone systems dry up,” said Lawton.

The integration of Microsoft Office with the platform will deliver tangible benefits to firms including:

Greater visibility for better management

Thanks to Dynamic Connect, firms can now see how much time is being spent using Microsoft Teams on the client’s behalf and the type of activity. The visibility provided allows management to monitor and better manage staff.

Effortless tracking and allocation

The Dynamic Connect platform quickly and reliably tracks all Teams expenses and the billable time spent on client activity using Teams and automatically allocates the data to timesheets. This saves staff precious time and minimises frustration.

Accurate billing and increased revenue

As the platform automatically captures every billable minute that staff spend on Teams activities on behalf of client matters, firms can rest assured that they are accurately billing clients. Further, the exactness of the data helps ensure that firms are not missing out on revenue for work they have undertaken.

Savings in office technology

With the uptake of Teams and its integration into Dynamic Connect, firms no longer have to significantly invest in servers and software, and office phone systems to keep staff connected, saving them time and money.

“Our integration of Teams with the Dynamic Connect platform further empowers legal, accounting and strata management firms, allowing them to be more efficient and productive to generate greater revenue,” stated Lawton.

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