New eSignature workflows using Element eSign

Lawyers in their Element with New Signature Workflows

Element Technologies (Element), a premier technology, managed services, and IT company with a strong focus on law firms and corporate legal teams, has launched Element eSign. This innovative solution automates the document signing experience for legal professionals by seamlessly integrating Adobe Sign with the NetDocuments cloud content and document management platform.

Managing electronic signatures with Adobe Sign has never been simpler, from initiating signatures to tracking document status, and ensuring that signed documents are transferred directly into NetDocuments. Element eSign offers several key features:

  • Simplified Workflows: Effortless handoff between the Adobe Sign interface and NetDocuments, complete with real-time document status updates.
  • Robust Security: Certified directly with Adobe and built on NetDocuments’ award-winning cloud security infrastructure.
  • Auto-Profiling: Once documents are fully executed with corresponding signatures, they are automatically filed into the appropriate NetDocuments workspace.

“We firmly believe in meeting our clients where they work and helping them leverage tools and technology they already use. With that in mind, we developed this integration between Adobe Sign and NetDocuments to further automate the essential signature workflow,” stated Chris Dunsford, Document Solutions Manager at Element Technologies.

Since its availability, law firms and corporate legal teams have been leveraging Element eSign to streamline the document management and signing process. The solution automates the delivery of documents to email inboxes and ensures the seamless filing of signed documents directly into NetDocuments.

According to an Element Fortune 500 client, Element eSign has automated its signing process. “We truly love the simplicity and speed of the Adobe-NetDocuments eSign integration, which now provides us with much more flexibility with eSignatures through Adobe. Additionally, we can execute our signatures in one place, including from within NetDocuments, and now rely on an automated process that saves time without sacrificing security and governance."

The integration between Adobe Sign and NetDocuments ensures that legal professionals can continue to use the tools they are familiar with while benefiting from improved efficiency and streamlined processes. As more law firms and corporate legal departments adopt eSigning software solutions, the legal industry can expect to see significant improvements in the speed and security of their document management and signing processes.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign, part of the Adobe Document Cloud suite, is an electronic signature solution that allows users to digitally sign documents. It leverages Adobe’s robust PDF technology, making it a reliable and secure platform for electronic signatures. Adobe Sign provides a user-friendly interface and integrates with various applications, enhancing productivity and ensuring compliance with legal standards.


NetDocuments is a leading cloud-based document and email management solution designed specifically for the legal industry. Founded in 1999, the company provides secure and efficient document management solutions to law firms, corporate legal departments, and other professional services organisations. NetDocuments offers a range of features, including document storage, version control, and advanced search capabilities, ensuring that legal professionals can manage their documents and emails effectively.

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