Empowering Family Lawyers With Tech | Fiona Kirkman

Empowering Family Lawyers With Tech | Fiona Kirkman

David Woolstencroft interviews Fiona Kirkman, CEO and Co-Founder of FamilyProperty and Principal of Kirkman Family Law to gain further insight into the current state of the family law sector.

Fiona is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law and FDRP mediator and is a strong advocate of dispute resolution technology and educator of the next generation of mediation lawyers.

Fiona mentions that a rise in family separation during the pandemic period and a shortage of experienced lawyers caused acute challenges to the profession with additional stress and burnout in the sector.

Fiona outlines the current opportunities of how technology combats some of the current challenges in the family law sector. A conversation in the kitchen with her husband who has a technology background led them to build FamilyProperty, legal technology solution that has 5 core functions that empower family lawyers.

David asks, what implications are there with the Family Court and Family Circuit of Australia (FCFCOA) merger. Fiona responds with feedback from the State of Family Law conference and outlines the trends in family law to consider and how to prepare for the future.

Fiona states that there is still a long way to go and that technology has provided more opportunities, with the courts embracing technology and more firms modernising their practices through technology adoption.

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