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Fieldfisher Launches Data Breach Manager with Lawcadia

European law firm Fieldfisher has joined forces with innovative Australian legal technology company Lawcadia to launch a 24-hour data breach notification assessment platform for all organisations with UK and EU data assets subject to GDPR and UK GDPR.

The UK-headquartered firm, which advises clients from its 26 offices in 12 countries, developed the Fieldfisher Data Breach Manager as an advanced solution to help improve the way clients log, assess and respond to data breaches.

Fieldfisher Partner Kirsten Whitfield said the new 24-hour service will ensure companies in highly regulated environments have increased capacity to meet the 72-hour window mandated for the initial data breach assessment and reporting to regulators by allowing for quick, methodical assessments and robust, defensible conclusions.

"With the Fieldfisher Data Breach Manager, we're alleviating common pain points such as recognising when a data breach occurs, inconsistent assessment conclusions, and delays in assessing and notifying incidents," she said.

"Our partnership with Lawcadia enables us to offer clients a secure, automated, and streamlined solution for handling their data breach assessment needs. This will reduce the risk of adverse regulatory action."

The Fieldfisher Data Breach Manager is a cloud-based legal workflow solution that enables clients to undertake initial risk assessments, track team response activities, and create a robust and defensible record of assessments.

With access to highly secure automation technology, clients can avail themselves of Fieldfisher's market-leading incident assessment methodology, expert guidance and advice around the clock.

Lawcadia Co-founder and CEO Warwick Walsh said it was an exciting collaboration.

"We are proud to partner with Fieldfisher and to be part of their commitment to delivering innovative and value-driven solutions to their clients," he said.

"The Fieldfisher Data Breach Manager will cement Fieldfisher as a progressive law firm that utilises technology to safeguard their clients' businesses into the future by consistently addressing newly arising issues with effective solutions."

With the launch of this new service, Fieldfisher is stepping up to meet the challenges posed by the increasingly complex landscape of data breach management. The shared vision of providing robust, efficient, and technologically advanced solutions is set to transform the client experience.

Follow the link to access more information and the opportunity to request a demonstration of the Fieldfisher Data Breach Manager is available here.

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