Crypto Primer Baker McKenzie

Crypto Primer: Baker McKenzie

As we close out 2021 and the 2022 new year horizon approaches we can reflect on all what has happened over the last couple of years and plan and invest for the future.

Baker McKenzie has launched it's Crypto Boot Camp with a three part series designed for professionals. Our particular interest is in the Crypto Primer with details and links of the series above:

Session 1: Crypto Primer

This session covers the basics and history of crytpo, how crypto works, use cases and types of cryptoassets, key infrastructure and related considerations.

Speakers are: Sue McLeanSam KramerRoger van de Berg

  1. Intro to crypto
  2. Use cases and types of cryptoassets
  3. What is bitcoin? - Deep dive
  4. What are stablecoins?
  5. What are NFTS?

Additional sessions can be accessed through the link above also:

Session 2: Crypto regulation in the EU, Switzerland, the UK and the USA

Session 3: Crypto regulation in APAC jurisdictions 

While you are in the mood for upskilling, there is free access to Tony BrooksIntelligence Automation Primer designed for Partners and lawyers sponsored by futureability & Novum Learning.

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