Gadens Cyber Incident Manager

Gadens Launches Cyber Incident Manager

National law firm Gadens has released a first-of-its-kind cyber incident manager to navigate the legal reporting obligations of businesses during a cyber breach. The digital workflow tool steps a user through issues and ramifications, reducing the complexity and time required to investigate and report potential cyber incidents.

2022 has already seen several high-profile companies being hit with cyber attacks where customer data has been breached, and cyber ransoms have been demanded.

Many organisations have a cyber incident plan in place, but important time-critical legal compliance can be at risk of getting overlooked during a cyber incident.

The Gadens Cyber Incident Manager is a cloud-based solution powered by Lawcadia's technology. It streamlines the information collation, assessment and reporting process of potential cyber incidents in one online platform, allowing companies to ensure defensible, timely and cost-effective compliance with multiple pieces of cyber incident relevant legislation and standards including the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act (the SOCI Act).

Gadens Cyber Incident Manager incorporates regulatory reporting requirements, so when a cyber incident has occurred, it is easy to immediately request legal advice and preparation of the regulatory report, if required.

The workflow tool also provides practical guidance on what to do next within sharp statutory timeframes, dramatically reducing the risk of legal ramifications for organisations and their senior accountable employees.

Powered by Australian legal technology company Lawcadia, the Gadens Cyber Incident Manager is available off-the-shelf, utilising their intelligent and secure platform engine – Lawcadia Intelligence – all supported by an ISO 27001 certified information security management system.

Gadens Director Robert Feldman said, "When you are in the middle of a cyber incident, there are a lot of moving parts, and someone needs to manage your legal compliance. One of the biggest issues is a complicated and overlapping patchwork of legislation and other standards – some of which have very tight reporting timeframes. The tool will help organisations navigate that patchwork and keep them on track to meet their legal compliance obligations while they get on with everything else involved in managing the incident.”

Lawcadia founder and chief executive officer Warwick Walsh said he is excited by the continuation of its innovation partnership with Gadens.

“Gadens has been able to continually leverage innovation to solve clients' pain points firstly with the Gadens Breach Manager for financial services and now with the Gadens Cyber Incident Manager, a timely and important tool for the current climate”, he said.

Follow the link to access further information regarding the Gadens Cyber Incident Manager.

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